Does this boy like me more than a friend

Reply Sat 25 May, 2013 06:15 pm
I only ever see him at my local starbucks

Also he seems quite a confident guy around his other workmates/friends that come in. But sometimes seems a bit shy/different when i'm around.

He does stare quite a lot for about 40secs at a time, should I stare back. Also he smiles when he stares

We also talk when ever we see each other but only about generally stuff/fav tv shows.

Also on two different occasions he gave me a compliment saying I was polite, I wasn't sure how to respond/was a bit shocked so just said thanks.

He's also made a point of remembering my coffee order, he's the only one there that has and since I told him that I was at uni he will ask me how its going ever now and then

Also I went there last week with my mum, he didn't serve/was really busy so we didn't get to speak. We both had takeaway drinks and sat outside.
We had both finished our drinks, when he came out to wipe tables/rearrange the furniture and as he was about to go back in side he came over to my table and asks if I've finished with my paper cup I said yes so he put it in the bin for me, but left my mums.

This is the first time he has done this why would he do that.

Also I know it's part of customer service to be friendly, but isn't staring at someone for 40secs at a time being a bit over friendly.
Also quite a few other people hand empty paper cups on their tables, be never asked them only me.

He talks to other girls that he knows who come in but he never stares at/flirts with them. only me.

I do like him

we both know each other's names

I know that he's single and has been for a few years.

I'm not the most confident person so really don't want to be the one to ask him out.

This started just before christmas I know people say that if he did like me he would have asked me out by know, but if he didn't like me why would he do the whole staring/flirting/acting different around me.

Also I went their last night by myself he served me and we had a quick talk about all our fav tv show's being finished, then i went and sat outside face towards this counter. As I was sat their I saw this other girl who he talks to sat in the conner reading a book. His shift finished at about 9 so he came out and sat and talk to her I was sat looking at my laptop but ever so ofter I would look up and he and this girl would be staring at me so I would look away quickly, he seems pretty good friends with this girl so why would he still be staring at me.

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Reply Sun 26 May, 2013 06:48 am
Allow me to explain something to you.

This man works for tips. He is also (most likely) required by the company he works for to be polite, charming, attentive and friendly. Small talk, smiling and remembering your order are all a part of this.

He is performing his job role better, perhaps than others at the coffee shop.

But it is still his job.

Ask yourself if things would be any different if this was an older guy doing this. Or a woman.

I am of the firm belief that women should take the bull by the horns and ask a guy out if they want to go out and he is not making the first move. So do so, if you wish. But be prepared for this, very likely, just being a byproduct of him being a good employee, looking for a full tip jar.
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