Does anyone here use hulu or netflicks instead of cable?

Fri 13 Sep, 2019 04:39 pm
Nope, my husband has the tv on all the time.

No disdain agains folks like me.

More of a disdain for people like the one in the video who are making problems where they are none.

Netflix goes out of business....something will take it's place.

So....seriously, you've got the TV on all day. Even if you were actively paying attentention to it, wouldn't for instance the tons of shows on one of the streaming services be enough?

Right now (I just looked) I got 25 items in my list. Scanning through them quickly, for just the epiodes of the shows from seasons I haven't watched, plus movies, I got a rough estimate of about 130 hours. I'll see other stuff I want to put on my list, but refuse to until I get my list down to 20. Then I'll add 10 or 12 or things.
What in the world would I do with another service?

You can spend your money where you want to. It's yours and I have no judgement.

So wait, you don't have streaming services? Just cable (I don't count the internet)? Is it because of sports or something?

I'm obviously out of the loop, since I haven't had cable so long, but can you watch one of the episodes of your premium channel shows on demand?

We don't watch sports, and we get all our news off the internet.
I pay about $15 a month for 2 screens. That's so when I go to Mexico I can watch while there, and he can watch at home if he doesn't come. Or, when we're both in the US, my friend uses my account on his ipad down there.
He has Sirius XM in his car, and he listens to Pandora in the house, which comes with the netflix, or the blueray player, or something. Can't remember.
So like $30 a month total, plus internet.

None of us can keep up with everything we want to watch.

Can I ask what the cable and premium channels are providing you that's so unique?
Fri 13 Sep, 2019 05:10 pm
I recall my mom had on soap operas on TV during days I was home. She would have these similar conversations with her sisters about the evilds of TV.
So, I wouldnt worry about other peoples viewing habits, Im doing OK and As Seinfeld oncesaid, "Women want to know whats on tv , while men want to know WHAT ELSE is on TV"
Fri 13 Sep, 2019 05:12 pm
we have streaming AND DVD service from Netflix. AS I SAID, Netflix library for streaming is mostly present content and new movies. Their DVD has movies and other things from all over the world.
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Fri 13 Sep, 2019 08:15 pm
I'm not worried. I know it's your choice. Just wonder (not worry) the why.
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Tue 27 Sep, 2022 05:31 pm
@Joe Nation,
My smart tv screen freezes several time each day. I have been monitoring the hulu server uptime and it is down several times a day. The events correlate. In September alone there were 109 incidents with a total downtime of 2 hours, 6 minute and 45 seconds. The total uptime was 99.67%. That might sound pretty good but not when what I am streaming freezes and sometimes does not recover, 109 times! I have been trying to get this information to the technical team at Hulu with no success. I have been met with the usual "it's your problem, not ours" defense. It's your download speed. No it is not (360mbs). It is your latency. No it is not (20ms). It is your cache. No it is not (cache is cleared). You need to run in incognito mode. What! It i my tv not my pc and browser. You have and old version of the app. No I do not. And now it is your downtime data is wrong.
I am only trying to get the technical information I have to the right people at hulu so they can make sure they do not have server problems that would affect all of their subscribers. No one seems interested nor do hey project an image that they care. That being the case, I do not expect a response to this posting.
The fact that I am predominantly trying to be helpful makes this even more frustrating for me. Sadly, I am shopping around for an other service provider who can deliver freeze-free service and, more importantly, is responsive to its customers.
I will also make sure this message is posted on as many sites and forums as possible so others will consider this when looking for a streaming service provider.
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