He’s a good kid….

Reply Sat 4 May, 2013 07:30 am
I believe the principal that many are good kids - I don't believe that they are all good kids. Why do I talk to my children about avoiding hanging around certain children - because they are not good kids - they are troubled kids and I don't want my kids involved with them.
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Reply Sat 4 May, 2013 07:32 am
Did you even read what I wrote?

I said after the fact - these kids are still called good kids.

I think through reading through these comments I got my answer - it seems there is alot of naive people as a result of not getting of all the facts.
Reply Sat 4 May, 2013 09:05 am
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
There are many whom we would call nice people - kids and grown ups.
We just don´t know what is going on behind closed doors or deep in the mind of a person.
You might have the nicest and most helpful co-worker, but he beats his wife.
Your impression is a nice guy. He probably would be seen as a nice guy to work with.
Then you have a man who might be very strange and you might avoid him, but he is the kindest person you can imagen.
The same Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde will happen with women/boys/girls.
One side is very nice - as a rule the dominating side - the other one is not as nice and can be by some people real cruel.

We are not naiv just because we don´t have all the facts. I think we are more torn between the terrible facts and the good side.
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