Physics of the Biblical Flood

Reply Wed 8 May, 2013 10:16 am
It's not proof that's required, it's blind faith. With that you can claim that the flood did happen, but God or Satan removed all proof. Evangelicals already think Satan planted dinosaur bones.

What the Qspacer has done is give a list of what ifs, the fact that there's no evidence for any of the what ifs isn't really important. All the bullshit I posted about giant worms is no less ridiculous than Qspacer's suggestions. People will grasp at the slim possibility of anything if it allows them to keep a fundamentalist perspective.

It even allows a stranger to reason like Gungasnake to call people "evolosers."
Reply Wed 8 May, 2013 07:54 pm
but the giant Gippsland Wurm does exist.

Reply Thu 9 May, 2013 01:39 am
So I was right? **** me, we're in a lot of trouble.
Reply Thu 9 May, 2013 04:40 am
we must mount a wxpedition to Gippsland to see whether these giant worms have the capacity to plot an overall invasion of the remaining giant worm-free areas of the panet.

Lock and Load gentlemen
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Reply Sun 19 May, 2013 06:13 am
Well, it looks the like the author has disappeared into the crown molding. He did not have a very compelling story an had NO scientific evidence.
I wonder how his audience of physicists received his stories?
Reply Sun 19 May, 2013 07:11 am
I bet a lot of it has to do with where those physicists obtained their degrees.
Reply Sun 19 May, 2013 09:48 am
we have many of those "Liberty U" places in the US but remember, he was from Israel where Orthodox Jews are really friendly to Cretionism and literal interpretations of the book.

Also, may theoretical physicists accept an equation as "evidence"
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mark noble
Reply Tue 11 Jun, 2013 07:42 pm
If we accept the biblical account of this event, we are obliged to trust the eyewitnesses therein.
Who were they?
The event was witnessed by 8 ppl and approx 380 billion (insects mainly) other creatures (also on the ark) - (approx weight 150 million tonnes) that were undoubtedly present, due to evolution being a fantasy. Where they kept a pair of blue whales, alone, is questionable...
We'll assume that the non-human passengers were not able to communicate the event unto latterday man, so eliminate them from this procedure.
Ergo - one, or more, of the 8 humans aboard the ark must be the story's originator!
They clearly interbred (being one family), but it appears God was ok with incest back then.
Nevertheless - Their descendants passed the story down the lineage, and it was historical fact 600yrs later.

Ok - How would any of the 8 have been able to recognize this flooding to be a global event?
How would they know it had being a global extinction (ark excluded) event?
They had no way to measure either.
So they simply took Noah's word for it.
ORIGIN discovered.

Now - when you read the original translation of 'world' (As in Gen:) you discover it can also by interpreted as 'land, country, place, etc.'

I read it as 'land' btw. And relate it to the 'marmara overspill'

There are a great deal of historical facts in all ancient scriptures - if you can read between the lines of embellishment, error, misinterpretation, exaggeration , political correctness, vanity, pride, empowerment, madness, halucinogens, lack of scientific advancement, greed, anger, megalomania and fear.

Wiser to assume the evidence is a predator approaching noisily through the cornfield, rather than a sudden gust of wind though - Get to safety asap (avoid trusting to fortuity) and give this book a wide berth - It may well consume you, as it generally does to the weak, vulnerable, lonely, despairing and disturbed.
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