Why is the ex of my bf acting weird and often mad

Reply Mon 11 Mar, 2013 06:43 am
I have a boyfriend who is married to a woman who left him for another man. They had a handsome son whom at first was with my bf until the ex got him and had her parents take care of the child. Anyways, when my bf and I were staying together very well, the ex suddenly makes communication with my bf. she asks about stuffs that she can ask to someone else like her friends which leads me to think that she is just calling attention. Example she will ask where can she have her car repaired or if his brother still sells poke setr. Then adds the relatives of my bf on FB etc etc. Stuffs like that. But then inspite of all that I kept silent because i was confident enough that my bf is faithful to me and I give respect to the situation. My bf talks to her about the divorce. She said that it was her priority as soon as she finishes her board exams for medicine. After the exams, my bf called her to seek for update. She got really mad and puts her phone on voicemail. We tried sending her email to talk things out but then she ignored our mails. I dont understand why she is behaving that way! She had 2 relationships already aftr she got out of their marriage. Isnt she happy yet? Am I right to assume that she is a selfish bitch? Isnt it that by this time they should be civil with each other? Its been 6 long yrs since they parted. I need aome clarity. I want to understand. Thank u in advance for reading this and for taking time to help me understand my dilemma.
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Reply Mon 11 Mar, 2013 09:33 am
My bf talks to her about the divorce. She said that it was her priority as soon as she finishes her board exams for medicine.

What is stopping your boyfriend from filing for divorce? You do know he can file just as easily as she can? Kinda makes me wonder how anxious he is about ending the marriage.

Tell him to file for divorce by the end of the month or you will stop seeing him until he does. (Wanna bet he doesn't file?)
Reply Mon 11 Mar, 2013 11:44 am
I agree; 6 years is too long to live in limbo. He should leave ONE more message: he is filing for divorce and she should get her own lawyer, if needed.

PS - what is the arrangment for the support of the child? Are you in the US?
Reply Mon 11 Mar, 2013 04:20 pm
@CoastalRat my boyfriend is a Filipino Citizen. Only the american citizen which happen to be her ex could file the divorce. He could only work on the recognition of the divorce decree once she sends us the papers. The ex seems to delay processing it in the US. Its such a hassle.
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Reply Mon 11 Mar, 2013 04:28 pm
Hi @punkey thank you for your message. I really need all the knowledge or support to know the best thing to handle the situation. As per our lawyer here in the Philippines, only the ex could file for the divorce since she is a dual citizen filipino american. The lawyer said it would be easier and faster and way cheaper compared to the annullment if we were to file here. The child is with his mom. We have no plans on getting the child since we know he could have a brighter future abroad. We just send him the things he need every now and then. The ex deceived my bf about their son to stay in the US and live there for good. She said she will just take him there for the visa etc. unfortunately he never came back home. But i talked to my bf about it. I convinced him that his son will have a better future in the US. We could have our own family only if his previous marriage is fixed legally. My hands are tied. I dont have the capacity to fix this. Only the ex can file and without her cooperation the divorce is impossible. We sent her several emails but she kept ignoring. I really dont know why.
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