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Americans have lost the figures!
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A lot of people that I feel have been malefactors to the wellbeing of the populace(s) (oh, and the land) have been people who developed their opinions and behaviors not to skewer society but to fix it, in their views.

But if I had to make a list of baddies, sort of like choosing an evil team instead of baseball or football players in a draft, McCarthy and Cheney would be right up there. Wallace, I don't know - my ex, an inquirer and writer on the left, once read some book about Wallace that portrayed him as not being all bad at the end. I didn't read it, and forget what ex said about his changing. So, he'd be on the list, but subject to review if I could force myself to read more (no thanks).

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As much as I detested Nixon in the '60s, '70s (once I got into my mid-20s) to understand more about world politics, I could no longer think of him as evil. I've read some balanced articles about Wallace, and still haven't changed my mind about him. Let's just say I now think of him as a lesser evil.
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I could no longer think of him [Nixon] as evil.

Carpet bombing the innocent men, women and children of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos isn't evil, Ragman?

Spreading Agent Orange, a known carcinogen, all over the country isn't evil?

Napalming innocent men, women and children isn't evil?

Have a look at the map at the website below and tell me that LBJ, Nixon, ... weren't the very personification of evil.


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