Is 17 too old to be feeling jealous and resentful of younger siblings?

Reply Fri 1 Mar, 2013 11:54 am
I was a middle child in a blended family and my older half-brothers,my mom's kids were all grown and gone by the time I was 13. They stayed with relatives a lot,so they really only spent some of their time at our house. That meant I became the de facto eldest child. With a little brother and two sisters. We're stair step kids, so I'm only 3 years older than my baby sister. My other sister is 10 months younger than me, she got pregnant and gave birth at 15 and our Papa kicked her out when she was about 17,so that left me, my little brother who's about 2 years younger,and our little sister who is 9 months younger than him.
Our parents worked all night(They were Strippers) and slept during the day,which meant I was in charge of my brother and sister and got blamed for EVERYTHING they did. When they were 12 and 13 they got into an argument and each one threw some very expensive items(I-pod,Cellphone, $150 pair of Nikes) belonging to the other out their bedroom window! Next thing I know,they had come to blows and were rolling around on the floor having a physical fight. I had to get in between them and manually separate them. My brother scratches on his neck and a bruise on his cheek, while our sister had swollen ears and a cut under her eye.
My Papa comes barreling out of the master bedroom AFTER I've separated them and starts shouting and smacking me about the head,neck,and shoulders(That's a common punishment where he comes from) for making so much noise then asked what happened. I told him and he was pissed. He ordered my brother and sister to go outside RIGHT NOW and get their stuff back inside as it cost damn good money. He was in a "whipping mood" and if ever someone deserved to be belted,it was those two,but he had other ideas.
He told me that because I was the eldest child and shouldn't have ALLOWED them to fight!
So while the two of them were outside STALLING, he made me bend over a chair and I got their whooping for them!
This became their habit as they got older. They would do something wrong then say that I ALLOWED them to and I would get in trouble!
Just last weekend we got home at 2 a.m. an hour past our 1 a.m. curfew,because my brother and sister REFUSED to leave the party we were attending when I told them we needed to leave at about 12:30 a.m.. They finally came around and we left.
Our Papa set up the house alarm to sound off when we got home,so he would know what time we got there. It sounded off at 2:11 a.m. and guess who was in trouble. ME!
When Papa came home at almost dawn he came straight to my bedroom and laid into me with his belt before I was even half awake. My brother and sister did NOT receive a whipping and of course had to rub it in my face!
I mean come on! They're 15 and 16. They CAN take a good hiding. It's not like they're babies and don't know better!
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Reply Fri 1 Mar, 2013 01:54 pm
Your parents are wrong to expect you to parent a 15 and 16 year old.

You are not responsible for their behavior any longer.

Tell your mother that you have "resigned" from parenting kids and that you are going to start enjoying your own life - since you have spent so much time taking on your own parent's job.

I hope you can leave that house as soon as you are able. You have done your duty and deserve a life . . .
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Reply Fri 1 Mar, 2013 08:21 pm
Call Child Protective Services or the police. Your not their parents, your a high school kids yourself. I believe you should take action. Put the responsibility back on your parents and if they try and assault you again for it, just call the police. This isn't a okay thing their doing, even if he was spanking the other children for their actions. Last time I checked, spankings are considered child abuse in most area's, but not all.
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Reply Sat 2 Mar, 2013 04:27 am
There was a comedy team on American television in the 1960s called the Smothers Brothers. One of their routine lines was "Mom always loved you best!" It's good that you want to behave in a mature and responsible manner. Keep in mind, though, that the resentments of childhood never go away. My sister, who is, as am i, in her 60s, still refers to "sins" i committed against her when i was not yet ten years old. These things never go away. I salute for your mature attitude.
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