Lyme Disease - Fighting the Symptoms?

Reply Fri 14 Dec, 2012 06:46 pm
My lymph nodes in my chest, armpits, and neck were swollen (the ones in my neck the size of fists!) since August, and I finally went to the doctor's in September. My brother has papillary carcinoma and we feared that was what it was; however, the doctor told me I had both mono, Lyme, swollen liver and spleen, and somehow was still working full time, taking care of a child, and providing for my fiance and our pitbulls. Like any other adult, I have a pretty hectic and busy lifestyle. I mistook my exhaustion for just stress at work and maybe a light bout of depression.

I took four weeks of doxycycline and two weeks of medical leave. The swelling of my lymph nodes went down, but is still there now four months later (about ping pong balls). My organs remain swollen also. I went back to the doctor on the 7th and he told me since the doxy was no longer helping, he was putting me on three weeks of amoxicillin and giving me four weeks leave.

The problem is my symptoms are worsening. Are there any remedies or habits that I could do myself at home and use to combat any of these symptoms? (I have no insurance and do not receive paid medical leave. My medical bills have now cost me $1,600 so anything excluding medical visits would be appreciated).

- I sleep about 18 hours a day now that I'm off work. Honestly, I would sleep more if I were undisturbed by my boys. I can sleep 14+ hours without so much as rolling over, and awake to being just as exhausted as when I went to sleep. I can fall asleep sitting up, in the middle of conversation, and I think I've only survived the length of an entire movie twice without falling asleep.
- Sugar cravings. I dislike most sweets, but have found myself able to eat an entire Symphony bar in about 5 minutes. I've read that sugar is bad for Lyme because it feeds the bacteria. True?
- Painful joints, especially my knees, and dominantly my right side. After sitting, I get very stiff and painful, and in the mornings it's not uncommon for me to take an hour or two to get out of bed. I love drawing, but after an hour, my wrist hurts too much to continue.
- Irritable. I try my best to be patient, and even though I outwardly seem it, on the inside I just want to tear into everyone sometimes.
- Bloating. Extreme bloating. Sometimes I look 4-5 months pregnant and my skin feels so tightly stretched that it's painful.
- Weight gain. I always had a problem gaining weight (at a tiny 5' 4", 98 lbs). Since being diagnosed in September, I now weigh 107.6 at my last check up on the 7th.
- My skin can be ice cold (it's winter here, commonly below freezing at night, and I have to open the window because I feel too hot), but I am on fire. Likewise, my skin and feet are always ice cold no matter what I'm doing.
- Showers, even when the water is hot enough to turn my skin red, make me shiver.
- My hands have trouble grasping and are very weak. It takes all my strength to even attempt to open some food containers, and even then I've discovered I would starve if I didn't have a S.O. to open things for me.
- Fatigued very, very easy. So much as holding my niece for a moment (a whopping 27 lbs) made my right arm tired (and my elbow hurt) for the next three days. Climbing our stairs makes me want to nap by the time I reach the top.
- I can eat about once a day and feel full, and not get the hungry feeling again until the next day at about the same time (usually 4-5 pm).
- Dyspnea. I get out of breath just walking to the kitchen, and can't remain standing. I've moved a chair to the counter so when I go in, I can sit and cook or sit and wash dishes.
- In the last week, I've begun having nightmares. I've had one every night except for last night.
- My nose has always been keener than those around me, but now more smells make me nauseated. My fiance is still using the same deodorant, but it's now so powerful it makes me sick to my stomach if he sits in the same room.
- I've now gained an allergy to something (we're thinking it's Febreeze as it's the only new thing in the house). I never had an allergic reaction to anything. My skin on my face, shoulders, elbows, hips, and upper thighs became very red and dry. It's taken about four weeks for it to go away. I also had a runny nose for a couple weeks (my right nostril always had blood clots), but I never have a stuffy head or runny nose.
- I have pressure behind my eyes now, especially if I'm up for 1-2 hours, and then I usually have to pass back out.
- I've had trouble speaking. Some days I do well, and others I mix words up or stutter.
- I was having diarrhea and vomiting, but I believe it was from the doxycycline. I haven't thrown up since I stopped taking it, but I occasionally have loose stool.
- I have supraventricular tachycardia, and my symptoms show up more frequently, especially an unwarranted pounding heartbeat, palpitations, a light headed sensation, and it makes me want to take deep breaths as though I'm not getting enough oxygen.
- I often get the urge to shiver or feel as though I'm about to even when I don't.
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Reply Sun 16 Dec, 2012 07:27 pm
Maybe you can check out websites that offer organic or natural remedies. Although in an ideal situation you should really consult a doctor about the remedies that you can use because it might get worse if you do self-medication.
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Reply Sun 16 Dec, 2012 07:46 pm
Gee, subliminal, this is very tough, even to read. Are you able to get to a university medical center? A lot of those have respected infectious disease department/faculty/associates and there may be clinics related to that. From my own experience with two different universities' clinics, they will work with you re finances. I am saying this about the US, I'm not sure re other areas.
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