Compromise, we don't need no stinkin compromise

Reply Thu 8 Nov, 2012 06:26 pm
It seems here to be of a general consensus that the republicans will have to move to the left. Whether this is as a party or individually it seems the consensus is that the only way the Republican Party can be in any way relevant or individual republicans can be elected or re-elected, is to abandon the right-wing philosophy and turn hard to the left.

It also seems that the consensus is that now the Republicans in the House MUST compromise on any and all issues or face very negative consequences.
For those who agree with these generalizations of the future of the Republican Party, here are a few questions.

1 What would compromise on gay marriage look like? Isn’t it surrender or total victory; take your pick?

2 What would compromise on “Comprehensive Immigration” look like? To put a finer point on it, what would a compromise of “criminal illegal aliens” vs. “undocumented essential migrant workers” look like? What would compromise on deport illegals/migrants versus citizenship for illegals/migrants already here look like? Would the Hispanic political block allow a compromise by the Democratic Party?

3 What would compromise on hard quotas for hiring look like? In the Conn. Firefighter case, one vote was the difference in being able to say that any evaluation instrument that women or minorities show lower results than white men on is discriminatory by definition. In the case brought by several universities on admission quotas (Michigan U for one) the SC in their decision basically told the plaintiffs that they could have de-facto hard quotas, as long as they used a method that wasn’t blatantly just simple division. What does compromise on that look like? Why would the left want to compromise when one judge change on the Supreme Court will mean total victory?

4 What does compromise on healthcare look like? The court says the President’s plan is lawful. What will be on the table for compromise: religious conviction exceptions, required women’s health mandates, ability to not participate in the healthcare plan without substantial penalties, any requirements to treat criminal-illegals/undocumented-workers?

5 If women really do make 80% of what men make on the job how do you compromise on that? The left would really accept “less monetary discrimination”?

These are just a few of the “seemingly” major issues. What about when specifics need to be addressed. If citizenship for all illegals/migrants, then how are benefits (social security payments, for example) calculated? Why would major power blocks in either party compromise? It seems automatic assumption of maximum benefits when age eligible or only work that can be documented as legal employment counts toward benefits as the probable position of the two sides. Would the Democratic Party, for example, face off with Hispanic advocacy groups over maximum benefits? Would democrats really want to defend not allowing maximum benefits to people who would never have been in this situation had it not been for selfish, racist, White America? Of course the Hispanic victims can’t produce documentation for work they did, when they were forced to do the work illegally in racist White America.

In short why would the winners want to compromise on the very things that make them the winners? Why even consider compromise with a group that most posters here implied or stated outright were the “enemy” on the right and was not only evilly wrong but barely recognizable as human.

What point in the losers trying to emulate the winners? How could a right-winger move far enough left to move left of the left-winger? It seems in moving left the right-winger at best becomes some kind of left-winger lite. It seems only the die-hard right voted for republicans this time around. How does a republican move left without losing those that voted for him and why would a left-winger or independent vote for left-wing lite when they can vote for the real thing?

Based on the general media’s take on this election the country will continue to take a sharp left turn for the foreseeable future. Does anyone really see any reason let alone possibility of compromise or is this just warming up to blame Republicans for all the evils visited on America over the next four years?
Reply Thu 8 Nov, 2012 06:32 pm
The Republicans can be right leaning and still be a party that actually tries to get the nation's business done. Instead of being a road block to everything in an effort to discredit the president.
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Reply Thu 8 Nov, 2012 06:44 pm
I don't want the Republicans to move to the left. In fact, I would prefer they move to the right.

It then will be easier to vote the bastards out. Sharon Angle, Todd Akin and Alan West are my favorite kind of Republicans. It is the Dick Lugars of the world that we have to be worried about.

If Republicans knew how to compromise, the Democrats would have lost control of the Senate this week.
Reply Thu 8 Nov, 2012 06:59 pm
And probebly the presidency.
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Reply Thu 8 Nov, 2012 07:19 pm
Gay marriage isn't something either side has to compromise on. It is basically a done deal. Over the next decade states will allow gay marriage one by one. Our culture has changed and there isn't anything anyone can do about it.

On comprehensive immigration, the Dream Act (where you let kids who grew up here gain citizenship) is a perfect compromise. Many people on the left side of the issue didn't like the Dream Act since it would make it harder to gain a path to citizenship for adults. Now as demographics change, you will see much less of a need for compromise.

The Healthcare bill that passed is the compromise. Liberals wanted a single payer system. Liberals even gave up the public option, and accepted what many liberals feel are crummy rules on contraception.

The fact is that the Democratic party is being much more flexible and pragmatic than the Republicans, and there are far fewer "extreme" uncompromising liberals than there are extremist conservatives. This is shown in issue after issue

- Healthcare (as we have already discussed)
- The budget: Liberals are willing to trade spending cuts for raising taxes, conservative make politicians sign an extreme "no taxes ever" pledge to get elected.
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