Russian mafia in the USA

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Russian mafia
This story begins quite simply. I notice that my wife’s girlfriend flirts with me. I remember the standard method with flared shorts. We with my wife are on a visit. Friend seats us on the different sides of the table; she sits between us on the sofa. Then she fidgets on the sofa, holding the shorts from the one hand. On the other hand shorts ride up very much. It is a great view. I specially drop a fork and bend to raise it. Friend immediately reaches for something on the table, the view is considerably better. The most stupid sucker can understand that it is flirt. I seize an opportunity for talking to her. She agrees. Then she suddenly asks:
- "What is your socks’ size?"
- "I do not know, my wife always buys. I wear size 40,5 and what?"
- "It doesn’t matter, show me your socks." I lift up the trouser-leg. She attentively looks.
- "Do you always wear black socks?"
- "No, there is a pair of grey." She nods her head. Then we chat.
It turns out that her husband is leaving for three days for Ryazan to buy
meat. She invites me. I go to the first meeting. She offers to take a bath. The bath is full, hot water flows from the tap. There is one small towel like a sheet in the bathroom. There is no any towel or a rag anywhere. I wash and dry myself. Then we have sex. I'm going to leave her.
“Listen! You've washed, put on clean socks, and I will wash yours, your wife will not notice.” “No problem.” The following night I take a bath again. At this time she takes dirty socks and gives me clean ones. She buys two pairs of identical socks beforehand. At the third meeting she returns clean socks to me. So she has two pairs of my socks worn by me. They are changed to two pairs of gloves. And towel is changed to another two pairs. In fact a mess with socks is needed only for this object. Why?
Try to guess.
Once I try to have sex in a T-shirt. She immediately begins to take off it and says: - "Sex with me, just totally naked, I love it very much and do not like to make suction. This rule is fully kept. Then it becomes a habit, and I automatically take off everything, including socks, ******* her on the back seat of the car. Her husband comes back. We call to each other. She suggests a meeting in the open air. Needless to say, it is better near a reservoir. I drive up to the venue by car, she sits in it. Then we look for a secluded place for sex and swimming. The task is facilitated by the fact that the girlfriend lives just near the Moskva River and knows the local places. We find a place, settle down, and have sex. It’s an idyllic picture. What can happen then?
I manage to understand what should be then.

The woman’s aim is to ensnare the sucker to a secluded place near the water and examine the body. It is not hard to do it. She invites to swim and have sex. Before sex the sucker strips to the skin through habit. If the sucker has a bruise or scratches, nothing will happen. It is the usual outing to the river with a mistress. But if the body has no bruises and scratches, the woman seizes an opportunity when the sucker comes. Then she gives the signal. All of a sudden four men run out from the bushes, one of them is the mistress’s husband. Wives of other men observe the situation not far away. Men work in gloves made from towels; they catch the sucker with hands and feet (gloves made from socks). The meaning of the seizure is traces on the palms and soles. Everybody has its own duty. If they hold in that way it is impossible to leave a bruise. (1)
Then they go into the water not deeply and sink his head under the water.
From the medical point of view the following stages of drowning go further:
The first stage starts with the breath of water, which leads to obscuration and then loss of consciousness. At this moment the countdown timer starts counting. They set the time for six minutes. (When the time is out, the stopwatch beeps). There are many such stopwatches in stock). Then they release hands and feet.
P.S. If they hold him by the hands and feet till cardiac arrest, the medical examiner will determine it because it will not be blood in places of capture. So to release hands and feet is necessary to recover blood flow.
Then it is quite enough to hold his head under the water. It is the task of the "widow". She uses this moment for sexual arousal, slightly holding his head between her legs. For this reason, "widow" will try to force the sucker to have a short haircut because bristle perfectly tickles genitals.
The second stage: unconsciousness is intensified, modifications of the chemism of muscular tissue are increasing that leads to appearance of cramps. It misleads relatives. When they read medical certificate they think that the man drowned because of the cramps. But it is a mistake. They can think that man drowned because of the cramps if only they have eyewitnesses. The medical examiner just describes the state of health of the body and nothing more. Then the following stages go further: an involuntary urinary, faeces and seminal fluid excretion. It takes a minute or a minute and a half. Then there comes a time when the sucker does not twitch and does not arouse genitals of the "widow". She abandons him at the bottom near the bank.
If the time is not out, the sucker can be saved. Then everyone goes to the bank and has sex. The sucker’s fate depends on the duration of sex. If all couples confine themselves to stop of the stopwatch, the sucker is evacuated and resuscitated. Then they call an ambulance. When the sucker recovers himself, he will not remember the events that happened within a few hours before the drowning and until the recovering himself in the reanimation. This is called retrograde and anterograde amnesia. Then they tell the sucker that he was born under a lucky star and ask a bottle or a tavern for salvation. If any couple does not confine themselves to time, the sucker has no luck. That is a murder by the duration of sex.
When the swimming season is completed, everything can take place in a bathhouse near the river. They suddenly invite to the sauna. The sucker should not blurt out to anyone that he is going to take a steam bath. Season for fun is ended when the river freezes.
In such scheme of the murder the sucker drowns choking with the surface water.
They must not press the sucker to the bottom because there will be large pieces and sand in the lungs and medical examiner will write that the murder occurred in the medical certificate. But if there are not traces of violence (bruises, abrasions) in this case, the medical examiner will write that sucker drowned himself. The criminal case will not be opened according to this certificate.
The main moment of the murder is a capture of the hand and foot. If they do not manage to do it or the sucker breaks loose from their grip, it will be an ordinary fight. No one will ever guess that the murder was prepared. Husband his friends track down his wife with her lover and revenge. It is quite natural.

How to benefit from this?
Wife has savings secretly. But friends know about them.
The “widow” makes a bet that she would win the sucker’s car. Meanwhile she instigates the sucker to say that she buys the car. But more expensive. So, she wins a bet and she gets the car cheaper. No one should know about it. The sucker should admit that he lost a bet.
It is possible not only to drown the person without traces, but also to hang up. The scheme is the same as in the drowning. They prefer to hang on the straps that have clasps on each side of it. It is necessary to give the strap to the “widow” in order to leave her finger-prints. When the sucker’s wife is hanged, they can take money. If they take only money, the crime will not be proved. So the murder is not punishable. This scheme is used for dealers, because they have much money before purchasing goods.
The main feature of this of this crime is that they don’t take any jewellery or personal things.

Cars are stolen in such a way: swindlers find out if the car is drawn up by proxy. This method works if the car is drawn up by proxy. After drowning of the sucker, the car is not taken away from the act. If there are not traces of violence, the car, belongings and documents are safe; they say it is an accident. Then they return the junk to the wife. She is immediately offered to sell the car. Price does not matter. As much his wife wants as she gets. Suddenly the purchaser appears. And after hanging all money come back with money that was in the house. This method worked until summer of 2001. It is clear that they can work in such a way if decent policemen do not know about it. I figured out this scheme and handed it to MIA in spring of 2001. By the way it is immediately had an effect on the number of drowning in Moscow. Until 2001 350-400 people per season drowned, and approximately 150 people drowned since 2001.
If the sucker agrees to marry "black widow" more outlooks will appear. This option is called “marrying a cottage”. Actually it is the main aim of the "widow". They select small family – mother and son or mother and daughter. Killer gets married to the selected object. Then the husband drowned, and his parent hangs himself with grief. Such operation can yield to two flats. As there are no competitors in the property, and criminal cases can not be opened, the seizure of property takes place automatically.
This is used by married couples with common children. Childless families are not admitted to this community. They are always former or current employees of legal organizations. To prove it is not difficult - criminals simply do not know anything about this technology. How to become a member of this company? The man is closely examined. If everything is ok, she will be offered to have sex. If she agrees, she will be explained how to benefit by it after murders.
In my opinion the main purpose is sexual pleasure. And money is a nice addition. This is the strongest sex drug. Everyone knows when a woman falls in love, it becomes better. And when she has such sex she becomes better too. For example my girlfriend loses some extra weight. Lips fill with blood, become cherry and mat. They are called velvet (in winter and in spring she uses lipstick). Her eyes shine and all behavior is felt nervous sexuality.
When I sensed danger and refused to meet with the "widow", she tearfully persuaded me to meet her last time. She told me - "**** me for the last time and I'll let you go. You want it. » I didn’t realize that she wanted to contrive the rape. If I agreed, I would be in the bullpen.
In 1957 medal "For the rescue of drowning men." was established. Agents of special service rushed to get it, using the aforecited method.
In August 2001, someone tried to kill me with a method that is described in the story about the knights of cloak and dagger (see below). There are several reasons for why I think that GRU concerns this scheme. First, this scheme is an ideal scheme of recruitment. They force the sucker to kill. And he can’t refuse them. He won’t go to policy if he realizes everything. Second, this method can be worked out only by medical examiners, experts in examination of scene and investigators. If I hadn’t read the manual of legal medicine, I shouldn’t have disclosed this scheme. Third, they recruit common children. It can be done only by GRU. Fourth, when GRU recruits they say that person work for GRU in no case. The question arises how to prove it to FBI, for example. To my mind they have never heard about it. It’s easy.
Statistics must be the following: in 1997 – 400 people drowned, in 1998 – 400, in 1999 -400, in 2000 – 400, in 2001 – 250, in 2002 – 150, in 2003 – 150 and so on.
If sudden change of statistics is in any state of the USA, it means that GRU works there. So it is necessary to inform FBI and policy.
I have been finding this statistics for 5 years. But it is without result, because I don’t know foreign languages. I'm tired of investigation and I cease it. If somebody wants to continue, find the information. Especially if you know English or you are well-connected abroad. I wish you every success.
Prelovsky K.

(1) Such operations demand the force in hands. They should be trained with expander. It must be as soft as possible. To train hands is the main and the most difficult moment in that method. Nails should be cut.

About knights of cloak and dagger

There is such way to kill. Man with food is introduced a completely harmless substance. It causes no effect on the organism. It is not poison and is not looked at necropsy. In four or five days it is naturally excreted from the organism. But it has a splendid property: if you highlight the person who took this substance with weak microwave radiation, he loses consciousness in
10-15 minutes.
This method is used in that way: the man driving the car is lighted up in such a way that he loses consciousness in a high-speed district of the road.
Accordingly, he gets into an accident. How they achieve hundred-per-cent of death is not clear. They either kill after the accident or substance has the property that the person dies.
I think that the Main Intelligence Directorate of General Staff uses this method of murder.
There are some reasons for it such as:
1.Belenko stolen MiG to Japan, died in a car accident. He was an enemy of the Soviet Army so the Main Intelligence Directorate of General Staff had to deal with him .
2. Valery Radchikov who bombed at the Kotliakovsky cemetery (nobody else) on the grave of Likhodei, also died in a car accident. Then he was released for lack of evidence.
There was a struggle for Russia Fund of Afghan war veterans. There is no reason to participate in it no other special services, except for the GRU.
So it is necessary to dig graves of Belenko and Radchikov, find the desired substance and the frequency of exposure.
There is another way to kill. The man regards the poison with his hands for several months, the size of heart increases and in the end he dies from heart problems. So, if the corpse has large heart it means that it is a violent death. I do not know why the medical examiners do not reveal the poison. Either the dose is ultrasmall or a few months before his death they cease to apply poison. It turns out that GRU owns poisons. Remember how they killed Khattab.

Prelovsky K.
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