Does she like me

Reply Sun 4 Nov, 2012 03:59 am
I reaaly like this girl but i dont wanna give up on her. We were good friends back in sixth grade and before i liked her she would always try to talk to me but all i would say is wow and she seemed to playfully tease me about it. Then i was a huge dumbass later on i realize my mistake now. I told her i liked her and she at first said she told my friend that she would have gone out with me if her parents would let her. But them later on she told me we were just friends and i annoyed et by touching her a lot i know creepy and stupid. So for the rest of the year she would barely talk to me when i tried to start a conversation with her. And during my 8th grade she asked my best friend for a slow dance after this happened i completey broke down i was crying like hell. And at our graduation i saw her and i waved at her and she smilled, not sure if this even matters, during that summer i added her on facebook and she wrote back saying hi even though we havent talked for 2 years. In the conversation she mentioned that we havent talked in a while. I said i wish we could have, she replies with we should talk more this year . During my freshman year we disnt really talk and it seemed like she tried to avoid me when we had to go put our books back ( i sat next to the book pile) she would go behind me and put her book in
Like she was trying to avoid me. And on test days i would heat her say i dont wanna sit in my seat. We barely talked that year and im not sure what to do. Some of my friends say to give up but i dont know what to do I like her a lot not just her looks but i just feel different when i see her. I know she isnt shy and she talks to a lot of guys and i dont. I get kinda jealous. I just wanna know what i should do if you understand girls can you tell me whats going on. A few days ago i talked to her online not much i said hi a lt and she asked me why did i say hi a lot i said why not her last message said um... I want to know why she hasnt responded
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Reply Sun 4 Nov, 2012 05:54 am
Find someone else. This girl is not into you. Sorry, but what you have here is someone who at the best of times ignores you or doesn't want to sit with you, and at the worst times she comes onto your friends. Does she have to hit you upside the head with a two by four? She does not want to go out with you, and she can tell that any texts, smiles, looks, etc. are you trying to ask her out. The answer is no and you need to move on.
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Reply Sun 4 Nov, 2012 01:46 pm
You have a history with this gal -- and it is not a good one.

How about asking her to go for a soda somewhere and you asking her to "start over" with your relationship. You have made some mistakes in the past and want to kind of begin again.

If she agrees, then stop being such a game player and man-up. Treat her nicely and actually take her some place. If she starts some games, then drop her. You will at least have your answer.
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Reply Sun 4 Nov, 2012 10:36 pm
If you've watched some movies, people begin with a new relationship by offering to shake hands, introducing themselves again, and then ask for a new start.

Like the other guys said, if she doesnt like you, you can't force her to so just give it up.

UNLESS: You want to change her heart (requires great effort). Basically be considerate and smile a lot, but not in the scary way.
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Reply Mon 5 Nov, 2012 12:53 am
Jespah and Punkey have the right of it - she is not into you one iota.

-The times she talks to you seems more to tease you so that she can feel you pay attention to her before she dismisses you once more (it's a power/ego thing).
- coming on to your best friend is a cruel and disrespectful thing to do (and what the hell was your best friend doing?)
- touching people you care about isn't creepy and stupid if you have that sort of friendship or more. Otherwise it can be.

You do realise that girls who barely know you're alive are looking for a different kind of guy, right? And that you're far from what she is looking for? That doesn't mean that you aren't likeable or even loveable - different girls find different qualities attractive. Just that the one you're fixated on, isn't into what you have to offer as a guy (personality/character wise)...even if she does show glimpses of maybe - you're likely just practice / ego boost material for her.

Go and find someone better.
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