Reply Thu 4 Mar, 2004 06:44 pm
Because of the lack of waffles I am sure, letty.
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Reply Thu 4 Mar, 2004 06:46 pm
McGentrix wrote:

Wow. It's amazing that a single person can be so wrong so often.

Heh. This coming from someone who is perhaps the most gullible and sheep-like person I have ever come accross on any of the forums I frequent. Instead of telling me I am wrong - which I may actually be - you should explain why.
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Reply Thu 4 Mar, 2004 06:56 pm
Uh,oh. edgar. Lettgomyeggoh. Smile

night all.
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Reply Thu 4 Mar, 2004 10:34 pm
I've liked Kucinich from early on, dys, but have gathered that he doesn't have the presence, that is, some kind of tall or medium sized body, to engage. I know that he is considered at the edge, ah, but to me his are middle re the world points of view. Stage presence does play a part, here in the US, I dunno as much about elsewhere.

Gee, if this sense I have that the candidate has to fit some sort of mold and that a smallish guy isn't a fit for it, consider how unlikely it is that heavy people or mixed race people, or women unless (at the present day) they are quite righty, could - no matter their brilliance - get a toe in.
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Reply Fri 5 Mar, 2004 07:30 am
ILZ is right, I should have explained why he is wrong on these points. I apologize for my abruptness.

IronLionZion wrote:
Brand X wrote:
Kerry's Nam related experiences is what defines him in the best light, not his voting record.

9/11 defines Bush in the best light...

Reminding voters he was in office during 9/11 shouldn't help Bush's cause. First of all, he was the man in charge during the greatest security failure in the history of the United States. Secondly, and more importantly, his leaderhip during that time was feeble at best - remember the hours spent in limbo flying around the nation?

He was in charge, that's right. Bush maintained a calm, leadership position during a time of crisis. His speech about what was going to happen next has been immortalized and he showed that he was a leader during one of the greatest catastrophies in American history. As for flying around in limbo, do you think that was HIS choice? No, that was military procedure and even while flying, calls were being made, information being gathered and decisions were being made. You imply that he was alone cowering on Air Force 1 and that simply isn't true.

John Kerry is war hero. He volunteered to fight. Period. During that time - when Americans had a chance to prove thier courage and allegiance - George Bush opted out by joining the Reserve. And, even then, his record is dubious at best.

Historically, military service has had little bearing on the presidency and this remains a talking point from the left because there is little else that can be compared between Bush and Kerry that shows Kerry in a better light. I agree that Kerry is an American hero for his service in Viet Nam, but I also feel no less admiration for Bush because he opted for the Guard.

There is a catagorical separation between Kerry capitalizing on his experiance in Nam and Bush capitalizing on his experiance with Septemeber 11th. Namely, the fact that Kerry's actions reflect on his good charecter, while Bush's actions merely reflect the fact that he happened to be in office during a tragedy.

how can 4 months in Vietnam, although I am sure I would not have wanted to be there, compare to leading a country during such horrible events as those that happened on 9-11. That, to me, is comparing a splinter in your pinky to having ones arm cut off.

If you can't see that Bush has been an outstanding war time president, then I worry about your perspective on world events. Has Bush made mistakes? Sure. Has Bush put himself out on a limb? Yep. Do I wish some things had been done differently? You know it. Would I have wanted Gore in office during all this? NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!
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