The Wonders of Balsamic Vinegar

Reply Tue 17 Dec, 2002 09:32 pm
You're welcome, Kara! Actually, a friend turned me on to it - I ate his salad, and it was just incredible. He said the secret was Kirkland Balsamic vinegar. Part of the reason I joined Costco was to get this vinegar!

I never imagined, though, that some balsamic vinegars are so terribly expensive!
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Reply Wed 18 Dec, 2002 01:08 am
Can't buy good balsamic vinegar off the shelf here. I remember having a leg of lamb which had been marinated with balsamic and rosemary at a restaurant in Santa Rosa Ca. way back when. It was sooooooooooooo good it cannot be described.
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Reply Wed 18 Dec, 2002 01:33 am
Fbaezer, I don't mean to be a proseletizer for a group here, but have you heard of Slow Food? You might be interested in them...I found out about the group at a restaurant in Viterbo in 1999. See Slow Food.com......
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Reply Sun 29 Dec, 2002 10:32 am
Hi all!!
Sorry to be so long to respond to this,..between a busy season at work, and some minor knee surgery,..I've been out of commision for a little while. Twisted Evil
I love balsamic vinegar,..but love it more in moderation. I love the flavor, but do think it can easily overpower a dish.

All of the grades have their purpose, the younger, thinner grades are used mostly for salads and marinades (I've got a great duck recipe),..when I make a vinaigrette with balsamic, I usually blend half balsamic with half red wine vinegar, that way the other flavors in the salad still come through.
Kara...I've had the fig infused balsamic, now I just make it at home by just poaching figs in regular, everyday balsamic til they're tender and begin to cook into the vinegar (you can use the packed Greek glazed figs, or even fig puree, when fresh aren't available),..anyway toss these poached figs with some bitter greens (I like Frisee), crumbled gorgonzola cheese, and a vinaigrette made from the figgy balsamic, dijon mustard and olive oil,...and you've got a very special treat!!! Very Happy

The older, thicker grades are best used by the drop, over cooked food just before serving,....mmmmm,..had some really nice lamb chops drizzled with 150 yr old balsamic, last week Very Happy

When I was in Florence, my host served us 200yr balsamic on chunks of parmiggiano reggiano,..it was delicious!! Very Happy
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Reply Tue 15 Apr, 2003 06:15 pm
Although I generally love Trader Joe's, I had to spill out their balsamic vinegar. Used it three times and each time it ruined the food.
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