im a victim of domestic abuse help me!

Reply Mon 3 Sep, 2012 10:30 am
i married my second husband 4 years ago been with him almost 5 years
i should has listened to my intuition and not married him
he is verbally, mentally and emotionally abusive
he is very manipulative and controling he is always right and i can do nothing right in his eyes
im isolated i have no job car freinds or money
i want a divorce but i am to scared to ask
he has pushed me, bruised me and tapped me
he swears yells and contols me
he never helps around the house i do everything
he witholds all affection and sex
he doesnt like sex, says its disgusting
if anything goes missing its my fault and im blamed for everything
im in tears and live in fear
i hav3 daughters from a previuos marriage
i want to leave im scared
we joint own the house most of the items in the house are mine
i cant go to a refuse as they wont take my kids cats and personal belongings
i cant stand it no more i wish he was dead
he makes my life a living hell
he has debts and always uses my cards. he cannot stop spending
he never washes or showers
please advice
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Reply Mon 3 Sep, 2012 10:46 am
@unhappy me,
Do you have family? Anywhere? If so, contact them and tell them what you've written here. If not, consider going to a women's shelter. They are in the phone book so you don't need to leave an online trail showing that you looked them up.

Decide what you and your kids need to take with you if you were to leave. Recognize that anything you leave behind may very well be destroyed; I generally suggest that women in situations like this do their best to line up their ducks (particularly financially) but if you are in immediate peril (or your children are), don't hang around waiting to get all accounts transferred over to you or anything like that.

People in immediate danger should get away from that danger as quickly as possible. If your children were in a burning building, you would pull them out, yes? Well the building is burning, so get them out yesterday.
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Atom Blitzer
Reply Mon 3 Sep, 2012 12:47 pm
@unhappy me,
Chop of his balls when he's sleeping, then put it in a blender along with some sardines, and feed it to your kid's cats
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Reply Tue 4 Sep, 2012 06:05 am
You are living like that and you are worried about the CATS?

Geez, lady, get your priorities right.
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Reply Sun 9 Sep, 2012 03:30 am
@unhappy me,
I read this exactly on another Forum....

Haven't spoken to her for over a year.

Her main thing was the cats.. She loved her cats to death...

Her children felt sorry for their Mother but also knew she could go to shelters but didn't.

He withheld sex, he treated her like carp and flirted as well with other women that was the key that kept her there... Why? What is wrong with me?

He thought sex was discusting, no matter what anyone said she would not leave but she started saving her money all of a sudden, she started to listen, she was ready to move and go, alas she felt sexy, she wanted to feel sexy, loved, beautiful but she viewed love over dressing sexually and being sexual..

Alot of women abused relate sex to love.. Not so at all, it's the beauty within, when but not many women abused can see that.

I understand love of animals. I understand more so love for yourself, not up yourself, but honest recognition of worth and more so that of your children.

A man can trap you, he's trapped you but he hasn't really.. You are looking at it all the wrong way.

As advised, first speak to family TELL THEM..

You will be amazed at who is there for you, and your FRIENDS, who will help you..

The problem is, is you get isolated and don't think anyone at all will either believe you or understand you and that's the biggest mistake, because they will and from there, once you feel the support you get stronger and work through it.

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