Thoughts on the A2K Voting System

Reply Sat 4 Aug, 2012 05:25 pm
@Frank Apisa,
Reminds me of a restaurant in old chinatown, Los Angeles: Fuking. I doubt it is there anymore, but I liked the place a lot, very good fried oysters.

Fil Albuquerque, that's not making fun of you - I find your posts interesting a lot of the time, and we have language differences.

On the thumbs system, I see plenty of thumbs type stuff on news websites I frequent. I agree with Thomas's (Thomas' - ?) take on the matter, well said, Tommaso. Er, Tomaso?

That said, I use thumbs down for housecleaning my new posts pages: it's nothing personal. I read a2k more hours than a lot of folks, and I like being able to somewhat clear new posts pages.

I often thumb up threads I'm interested in but not apt to respond to (other people being smarter on the subject, or me being tired).

I often thumb up people's individual posts, and sometimes think I might be a nuisance doing that. That may be for it being a well expressed comment, or because someone said what I was thinking, or for wit. Or because someone went to a lot of trouble to find data as backup (once in a while even if I disagree) or photographs to post.

I often "correct" down thumbs that I think are unfair with a thumbs up.
Like Roberta, I once in a while thumb down an individual post, not because of disagreement, but because of behavior. I know people do that re some of my posts too.

If I disagree, I either keep it to myself (most often) or type out a comment, but I don't use thumbs for that.
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Reply Sat 4 Aug, 2012 05:52 pm
@Lustig Andrei,
And so was JoeNation's earlier post.

Says Ms. Parentheses user.
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Reply Sun 5 Aug, 2012 11:33 am
I will use the thumbs down on topics I’m not interested in, like all those Decryptonite threads that keep popping up.

I have no interested in seeing the racist thread about black on white crime by the racist Pamela or the rap threads, those I do vote down as well.
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