Training Scientists...another Great American MisAllocation of Capital

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I don't disagree with some of the sentiment in that article, but people don't leave the field because there aren't jobs, they leave because their interests take them elsewhere (just like any other profession.) I know several women who left to be full time moms then came back. I know a good number of people who used engineering as a springboard to business careers and many who got engineering degrees as pre-law, pre-med or pre-MBA degrees. Then there are some who discover the engineering is not personally satisfying. In that respect the article is accurate, but if the argument is that we should not encourage students to become engineers because the field is saturated, I strongly disagree with that.
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My thesis was the the Scientists lack jobs and the engineers lack quality jobs, thus we train far more than we need of both....in the case of scientist they never work in the field and in the case of engineering they are chewed up and spit out. This article does not support that thesis on the engineering side.

Hearing that job satisfaction is low in engineering forces me to recall that the few scientists whom I know are constantly moaning about how much of their time gets sucked up with grant writing and other non scientific administrative tasks. You have to wonder about what the job satisfaction is in science, though this does not impact my thesis. It might however account for Obama's call to science, as he would be then trying to counter the message from current scientists that science is not a worthwhile career, just as the current engineers sell that message about engineering.
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Val Killmore wrote:
Prepared to get beat down by some ruffians here in a2k who loves to mock and ridicule.

How true it is! Rolling Eyes Sad Neutral Wink
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