Why those up in WTC - towers didn't just jump from there where the planes crashed?

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camlok wrote:
It's ludicrous to suggest that there was one large gaping hole over the whole impact floor areas in either tower. Likely there were people that tried to climb down the shattered, hanging remains of the floor system on the north side of WTC1. The majority of each floor would likely still have been in place as the core columns prevented movement to the opposite, south side.

I'd need to see a 3D representation of the damage on each floor. If someone did try to climb down that way, I don't think they made it out before the building collapsed.
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That wouldn't help you at all. I'm not suggesting that anyone made such an escape. But that's not the important issue at all.

What of the human being being exploded out a twin tower window? No explosions NIST said when there were many, many many.

Edmund McNally phoned his wife Liz twice following the
[WTC 2] aircraft impact. Mr McNally said in his second phone call "Liz, this was a terrorist attack. I can hear explosions below me." [NY Times]

Tom Elliott, WTC 2 survivor: They saw only two firemen going up. They told them there had been an explosion near the 60th floor. [csmonitor]

Kim White, WTC 1 survivor: "We got down as far as the 74th floor ... Then there was another explosion, so we left again by the stairwell." [People]
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Here's another twin tower explosion.

9/11 - North Tower - Visible detonations

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