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Reply Mon 23 Mar, 2009 05:50 am
I thought i'd make an observation here, when i saw this thread resurrected. The motion picture Alexander has several flaws, not the least of which are that them boys wore far too much mascara, and there was so much drama, i thought i'd need dramamine. Nevertheless, this movie follows the Plutarch account of the life of Alexander very faithfully. Now, one can argue about the accuracy of ancient historians, and one might prefer some other accounts to that of Plutarch. That does not alter, however, that, excepting the device of an aged Ptolemy narrating the story, the picture attempts to remain as faithful as possible to an historical account. I understand that it was based on a life of Alexander published in the 70s. If that is so, that author certainly followed the biography by Plutarch. I would only add the caveat that the script only shows a single battle with the Persians, and that the battle in the Indus River valley (the battle at Hydaspes) was fought at night on an open plain, not in the day time in a forest, and Alexander was only wounded much later in a stupid and pointless attack on a mud-walled city.

Otherwise, enjoy. By the usual Hollywood standard, this is an exceptionally authentic movie.
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