You must die like Jesus Christ so you can rise again.

Mon 2 Apr, 2012 12:29 am
God/man or beast of the field/the son of God Jesus
/Christ/my unbelief over my belief in Christ

You must die like Jesus Christ so you can rise again.
One must die in their flesh be born into God-like image with life ever lasting that when Christ see you face to face. The day of your birth because one must be conceive has a seed of Christ and that why you find so many stories about Jesus planting seed. In Greek the word born has translated wrong that is why you find the word conceive has a possible word for born alone begat and others.

A person must be planted to be born and we are form in the womb of our mothers so why being form the womb of Christ. As the truth states we are form in Christ as we renew our hearts of our mind to the truth otherwise as our heart grows inside the Christ in us. How one dies does not matter but how one lives changes the place one is in Christ I think?

I am not written this not to show how wise I am but how foolish I can be because God did not call the wise person but the unwise to teach God’s love. I am the lowest of all men some even say I am crazy I cannot write where one can easy understand but write the best I can. But the bible was not wrote in today English nor is it easy to understand one must do word studies and others things to understand it.

But after reading it for many years one begins to talk like he was alive in the pages of what was wrote so many years before his time. One must be honest about his inner self one must declared he is that fool to understand it making him wise. One must even tell the truth about his inner feelings even if he was a antichrist even if he does not see he was a lot but some even if its only .01 percent he was against Christ.

God see everything so you mightiest not hide because reads the hearts of all person so nothing that you hide will stay hiding. As one learns the truth they are all ways changing what they understand as truth as my understanding gets sharper I renew my heart to be like Christ. Thank you with love of truth and a holy kiss of Christ unto you from Roy.
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Mon 2 Apr, 2012 06:17 am
here we go again. If youre going to preach ike a hillbilly, at least learn to write english, your language skills are horrible and laughable.
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Mon 2 Apr, 2012 06:21 am
when i die i want to be dead, for eternity
Mon 2 Apr, 2012 08:17 am
I wonder how in the f-ing hell can we die like Jesus? According to the laws of physics that's impossible.

1. We need to build a time machine.
2. Correctly determine the EXACT time of Jesus Christ's life to travel back in time.
3. Piss off a few important Romans.
4. Get sentenced to crucifixion.
5. Get crucified.

That's A LOT of work to do without the guarantee of resurrection and rising again.

What about that supposed butterfly effect of traveling back in time? This OP doesn't think of the global consequences of this ... suicide mission does she?
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Mon 2 Apr, 2012 08:25 am
djjd62 wrote:

when i die i want to be dead, for eternity
That would not be so bad... Clearly, the worst part of death, even for Christians is the uncertianty, and even with the certainty not too many are getting in line for the actual event of dying...If you want to die like Jesus, then that is easily enough done... Just give every waking moment to the service of others in need of love, and you will hit what ever bed you have without a moment of regret, and meet each day with expectation; and though death should walk up with heavy steps you will take no notice nor feel fear, but take what comes without doubt...It is the only way... To die like Jesus Christ, one must live as he lived...
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