I have a headache & really need some advice, please read..

Reply Sat 3 Mar, 2012 10:44 am
I'm a Junior in my 2nd year at a University (U) because I transferred over from a community college (CC). For my first quarter at the U I attended only part-time because I had to repeat a course at the CC in order to raise my cumulative GPA for a 3 course sequence required to get into the Biology program. By the end of my first quarter I finally got into the Undergrad Bio. program. It was tough commuting between 2 schools but I managed to pull a 3.0 GPA for my 1st qtr. at the U.

Within the same qtr. I also met a nice man on a dating site & after 2 months of dating, we became a couple. He was my first boyfriend ever and I am 21 yrs old, he is 28. Heading into my 2nd qtr. at the U I had to take on the challenge of balancing being a full-time student for the 1st time at the U with 2 math courses (Note: Math is NOT my strongest suit), and being in a relationship.

I found being in a relationship while being a full-time student not only difficult, but distracting. The relationship did not work out for reasons beyond my control (Note: He is Indian, I am Asian & I liked him a lot but I saw no future for us because I was still in school & his parents are pressuring him to marry an Indian).

For his sake & mines, I broke up with him and agreed to only be friends. But this relationship has taken it's toll on my grades this qtr. and I fear my cumulative GPA may have fallen below a satisfactory 2.0 GPA. It is 2 weeks before finals week. I am relying on Grants and Financial Aid to pay for college & I am now thinking ahead about what I should write for my Appeal for Fin. Aid Reinstatement.

I am certain things will change around next qtr. because I am no longer in a distracting relationship & I have been reminded now that my academic & future career is my main priority. I will now use the valuable time that I wasted thinking & worrying about my relationship to instead get help in Math by attending Math Study Centers and forming study groups w/classmates.

My question for everyone here is: Should I be honest with the Financial Aid committee w/my reasoning for failing this qtr.? Is the reasoning I have provided above a good enough reason for the committee to reinstate my eligibility? Have I provided good enough solutions to overturning my situation for next qtr.?

All tips, advice, and suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you.

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Reply Sat 3 Mar, 2012 05:09 pm
I'm a believer in honesty. But lets take the opposite approach for a second. What would you tell them if you didn't tell the truth? What reason will you make up to explain your failures?

No, I would go with the truth. You got caught up in a relationship that you realized too late was affecting your school work. The relationship has ended and you have rededicated yourself to finishing what you have started and getting the degree you desire. The good thing about going with the truth is that they will see the sincerity in your eyes and in your voice, something that will be missing if you make something up that you think they will buy.

Good luck to you.
Reply Sun 4 Mar, 2012 01:48 pm
I don't think you have much choice but to use this reason, since there is really no reason for you to have messed up your GPA, especially when you are already on the fence (with having to repeat some former classes even to get to this level) I am afraid they may see a pattern in your behavior.

Hope for sympathetic people on the committee. And don't let it happen again.

Get focused, girl!!
Reply Tue 6 Mar, 2012 09:05 am
Thanks for your advice. I know I need to get my act together. Getting into this University is what I've always wanted and I am so stupid for allowing this opportunity to be taken away so easily.
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Reply Tue 6 Mar, 2012 09:13 am
I really do hope I get some sympathetic members on the committee, but seeing that this is one of the best schools in my state, I am having doubts...thanks for your suggestion though. I really do appreciate it.
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