Reply Sat 17 Dec, 2011 09:10 am
its my birthday party in 2 days and my eye is really swollen and is forming into a sty, i really want it away for my party as it is really noticable and discomferting, i tried the ring method for two hours straight and i did the teabag helped a little but it is still very swollen, any ideas?please hep!
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Reply Sat 17 Dec, 2011 09:32 am
please help!
Reply Sat 17 Dec, 2011 10:05 am
I would go to the doctor, just my opinion.
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Region Philbis
Reply Sat 17 Dec, 2011 10:10 am
Noddy24 wrote:
A sty is an infected hair follicle. Like all infections the dead white blood cells accumulate and the resulting pus causes swelling.
The swelling probably causes the pain.

Hot compresses (water is just fine, no herbs are needed) can encourage the swelling to come to a head--rather like a pimple--and the head can be lanced to drain the pus.

Unless you or a friend have very steady hands, I'd see a doctor.
Reply Sat 17 Dec, 2011 10:23 am
@Region Philbis,
im only 14 i cant go to the doctor alone and nobody has time to take me
Green Witch
Reply Sat 17 Dec, 2011 10:54 am
Read what Region posted. Use a microwave to heat up water in a mug and dip a wash cloth in and place it directly on the sty as hot as you can stand (don't burn yourself). Do this over and over. Hot compresses will bring the pus up the surface and will be expelled. DO NOT try and pop the sty - it will look worse. Stys come from dirt and improperly removed makeup. Keep your eye area clean, especially if you wear contacts.

If your entire eye is swollen you need to see a doctor.
Reply Sat 17 Dec, 2011 08:16 pm
@Green Witch,
The way I understand it, the cause of stys is/are not necessarily caused by dirt but from a bacterial infection. Typically communicated by an oily blocked gland on the eyelid area, fingers in eye or perhaps from someone (maybe even a toddler) that might have some bacterial infection.

Officially here's what Web MD writes:

Sty Causes

"Styes are usually caused by obstructed orifices (or openings) of the oil glands in the eyelid. Very frequently, they are infected by bacteria, most commonly Staphylococcus bacteria.

Seborrhea (excessive oily discharge from the glands) may increase the likelihood of developing one of these infections. Certain factors can contribute to the blockage of the glands:\
•improper or incomplete removal of eye makeup;

•use of outdated or infected cosmetics;

•poor eyelid hygiene;

•inflammatory diseases of the eyelid, such as blepharitis, meibomitis, and rosacea;


•and hormonal changes."
Green Witch
Reply Sun 18 Dec, 2011 06:26 am
Sorry, I should have been more specific. Yes, it is bacteria which is usually caused by poor hygiene. Most women get them from makeup (once you get a sty throw out all those eye liners) and they are easy to get one if you wear contacts and don't wash your hands before putting them or removing them. Young girls are notorious for sharing things like makeup and tend to pass stys around.
Reply Sun 18 Dec, 2011 07:13 am
@Green Witch,
No problem.
However, not minimize it, there's also the additional cause that is not related to poor (eyelid) hygiene: hormonal excesses and stress...particularly prevalent with children and teenagers.
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