Why are Jews hated by so many people?

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If that is the case then Jesus can not be said to be sinless. If he were born then he had to have had original sin by default. If he was able to live his 30 years committing no other sins then surely there was a way right? If there was a way then everyone would be subject to this way either by purpose or by accident but there must have been a way.

How quaint...arguing Biblical theory is rapidly going the way of reciting Latin conjugations.

Well I do the same thing with other fiction. If there is a movie or a book and discussing the issues I have with the behavior of the characters or some established plot point that gets ignored or broken.

One of my favorite examples of this behavior is when Jesus is praying asking god why he has been forsaken. Now this behavior doesn't make any sense if Jesus understood why everything was occurring. In fact if he was aware that he was going to save humanity through his sacrifice he wouldn't be asking about any sort of forsakeness. It doesn't make any sense.

The only way you can explain it is if he was not aware at all that he was going to die to save all of humanity. Yet almost no christian, scholar or otherwise would ever admit to that. So it calls into question the validity of the story itself or the story is really not what people make it out to be.

So it is necessary to argue with fiction so that people realize the plot holes, in consistent behaviors and errors.
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There is another really good example of this lack of consistency in the bible story dealing with Jesus.

Imagine you are a follower of Jesus and you witnessed him do some really amazing things. Like bring people back to life, walk on water, turn water in to wine, ect. Perhaps even things that were not even written about?

Okay fast forward a head and your great teacher who you've seen do some really amazing things is about to be executed. Yet you and none of the other followers do ANYTHING to prevent it? Nothing? Are you serious? Not even ONE of them tries to prevent it?

If I saw someone doing some really "magical" things and said some inspiring things I wouldn't stand silent if that person were to be carted off to be executed. It doesn't make any sense. Yet ABSOLUTELY none even try to prevent it.

It points out a fundamental flaw in character of Jesus's followers. Either they were all pussies, which it could be true. Or the narrative doesn't allow it because the story is completely made up. Usually fabricated stories have these holes in how real people would behave.

You could write this off and try to claim that Jesus told them not to do anything. To just let things run their course. But this doesn't make any sense either. Because first of all why would he tell them not to react? Secondly even if I were told not to help, my compassion for how great I would feel about him would over ride the command given to me. I would simply be compelled to stop it from happening. Yet this doesn't occur in ANY follower. It reveals that the story was more than likely made up.
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Hey Krumple, do you know what the topic of the thread is?
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