What is a "above-garage apartment"?

Reply Sun 27 Nov, 2011 01:30 pm
We have those here only a few remaining at the wharfs around 100 or so years old and we do advertise them as apartments.

Strangly enough the house, previously, we call that upper section a "loft", as it is accessed usually via stairs from the house. "With a loft currently used as an office/bedroom"

Yay there you go the Aussie worked out what it was used for Mr. Green

Seems our versions across the World are different.. Predominately our apartments are complexes...

Any other two storey built generally has the garage to the side, Townhouse or is on it's own allotment, therefore a two storey home.
Reply Fri 2 Dec, 2011 02:51 am
The one 'Fonzie' lived in.

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Reply Tue 14 May, 2013 07:03 am
I guess it's an apartment that is better than the usual apartments... it's something that comfortable that the usual apartment.
Reply Tue 14 May, 2013 07:39 am
And you would be wrong in your assessment Krocker. Most above-garage apartments are subpar and shoddily built as they tend to be haphazardly thrown up at a whims notice to take advantage of a an already existing garage.

I certainly hope that you don't work for a real estate agency which is trying to eventually spam this site then that means your understanding of real estate (specifically apartments and rental terminology) is truly lacking (AKA not deserving of any legitimate business).
Reply Tue 14 May, 2013 07:48 am
Krocker360 wrote:

I guess it's an apartment that is better than the usual apartments... it's something that comfortable that the usual apartment.

More like the small space where the pigeons used to nest before someone realised that they could plasterboard the walls, dollop some paint on and call it a desirable bijou residence.
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Reply Sun 19 May, 2013 05:17 pm
It's from my experience base on other people, like my friend's experience, though I've live in both aspect and got better living in an ordinary apartment.

sorry if it take long to respond, I just got busy on my family,
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Reply Sun 19 May, 2013 05:30 pm
farmerman wrote:

Its quite common over in the US. We have what are called "carriage sheds" with an apartment or other occupancy use space above the "carriage (garage) space".

round here we calls em a "grossdawdy house"

I've always thought of them as space above the garage that someone rents out for extra money. Or that adult or near adult children can live in, or granny, so they have privacy.

More like an efficiency apartment.

Hey, you got a garage, you put fixtures and a couple of rooms above it, you got income.


I've got a 500 square foot bedroom plus attached full bath in the back of my house (no garage), and I'm thinking one day if I'm a widow I'll fix it up with a washer/dryer/kitchen area (no stove) attached to the existing plumbing, and make it a studio apartment for someone.
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