SlicKKK Gangsterism

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Rasmussen is showing a generic pubbie beating Bork obunga 47/41, which is well outside any margin of error. Limbaugh for some time has been noting that the dems and whitehouse internal polls are suggesting comparisons between this next election and the Little Big Horn, with Obunga in the role of Custer.

That indicates a very strong likelihood that the rats (de-moKKKer-rats) will throw Bork under the bus in 2012 and pubbies appear to already be preparing to campaign against Hillary KKKlintler.

I've updated a few of the links in the following generic FR post from the KKKlintler era and am posting it here for the benefit of those who were too young at the time to take all of this **** in or who might think that SlicKKK KKKlintler being impeached was "about sex(TM)" or something like that:


You're a serious, died-in-the-wool gangster, and you succeed beyond your wildest dreams; you take over the United States and assume the office of president. What are your first moves going to be? Basically, you will want to seal off every possible avenue of political and legal redress against gangsterism which you might have committed in the past, and against further gangsterism which you might hope to perpetrate in the future. You might start by expropriating 1100 raw FBI files on every conceivable political opponent, and making a database out of them:


That would pretty much seal off most avenues of political redress. A next step or several steps might consist of replacing with your own people as many as possible of the little people, whitehouse career employees and what not, with whom a president and his entourage must interact, to eliminate to the extent possible any possibilities of one of these employees seeing something and then telling reporters about it. The episode called Travelgate is one example of this approach:


Next, you will want to neutralize the US Justice Department. To this end, you might want to hire an attorney general who is politically ambitious and, at the same time, has so ungodly an assortment of skeletons in her closet, that she can be absolutely controlled and prevented from ever allowing any of the justice departments myriad flashlights from shining in on anything rsembling whitehouse gangsterism.

Jack Thompson ran against Janet Reno in a Dade County election once, and has been publically daring Reno, the Florida Bar, and the Democrat party to sue him for the last ten years. He describes Reno, occasionally on high-profile radio programs, as a predatory lesbian who has been stopped with female prostitutes in the back seat of cars in mall parking lots, who has been pulled over DWI numerous times, and hwo has major kinds of mob ties. Info on this topic is not difficult to find on the net. One version resides at:


But the major part of Janet Reno's skeleton collection involves something totally different. In the 1980's, a new variation on the medieval theme of witchcraft trials arose in America, the so-called "ritual abuse" trial, using recovered memories as evidence. This began with the celebrated McMartin case at Manhatten Beach and quickly spread over the land, every unscrupulous DA in the country trying to add one such case to his/her resume in much the same manner in which professional hunters like to have one elephant or one rhino on their resumes. All except Janet Reno, that is. She made a cottage industry out of sending people to prison for long periods of time for things which, not only had they not done, but which in fact had never happened at all.

Her most famous case, that of decorated Florida policeman Grant Snowden, has been overturned by a federal appeals court after Snowden spent 13 years in prison, all appeals to Florida courts falling on deaf ears:


Dorothy Rabbinowitz of the Wall Street Journal finally managed to get Snowden blasted out of his Flori-duh prison cell by a federal appeals court in Atlanta which basically categorized the entire Flori-duh justice system as a herd of kangaroos.

In the case of Bobby Fijnje, an innocent 14-year-old boy was held without bond for 18 months and tried as an adult for more crimes which never happened. The family was told that unless they copped a plea, Bobby would be in an adult prison population and would be dead from AIDS within two years. A jury found Bobby innocent on seven of seven charges. One of Reno's henchmen, asked what had gone wrong with the prosecution on which 3 million dollars of the Dade County taxpayers' money had been spent, replied that they hadn't spent enough money; new charges were being drawn up the same night and the Fijnje family fled to Holland. Fijnje's Father sent an incindiary letter to The NY Times upon learning of Reno's appointment to AG:


But the worst case of all was that of the Fusters:


This activity was in fact Reno's major claim to fame. Her concern for children is undoubtedly what caused her to sign off on the Waco deal, in which a number of children were rescued from more imaginary sexual abuse by being firebombed (the firebombing was real and not imaginary):


Check the before and after pictures, near the bottom of the www page. The technique IS effective; I don't think those kids had to worry about being abused again after Reno finished with them...

Before (Reno):




Other than that, the use of recovered memories for anything has since been declared to be a criminal activity in England.

Your next step, as gangster president, might be to have this well-chosen new attorney general summarily fire and replace all 93 federal attorneys:


Nobody even said anything about that at the time. Compare that to the conniptions which the demoKKKrats go through when Goerge Bush shitcans six or seven of these same partisan hack KKKlintonistas which were left over...

Having thus sealed all avenues of political and legal redress and reasonably assured your own security from external forces, your next step, as America's first gangster president, might be to try to achieve some measure of security from INTERNAL forces, i.e. to commission some sort of a serious psychiatric profile/assessment of yourself so as to know in which areas your personna might could stand improvement. Slick, of course, did not do this. Had he, what would have turned up might have been the following:


Your next step, after all of this, would be to turn again to one of your favorite hobbies and most major skills in life, fundraising, not only for the purpose of further political campaigns, but also to insure a ready supply of cash for buying the silence of people who know too much but who for whatever reason, it would appear clumsy or mean-spirited to simply kill. Jerome Zeifman, the chief council for the house judiciary committee at the time of Watergate and the man most responsible for getting rid of Nixon, noted that he would impeach Clinton for three obvious cases of bribery, i.e.

"In his conduct of the office of the president of the United States, William J. Clinton has given or received bribes with respect to one or more of the following:

"(1) Approving, condoning or acquiescing in the surreptitious payment of bribes for the purpose of obtaining the silence or influencing the testimony of Webster Hubbell as a witness or potential witness in criminal proceedings.

"(2) Approving, condoning or acquiescing in the use of political influence by Vernon Jordan in obtaining employment for the purpose of obtaining the silence or influencing the testimony of Monica Lewinsky as a witness or potential witness in civil or criminal proceedings;

"(3) Approving, condoning or acquiescing in the receipt of bribes in connection with the issuance of an executive order which had the effect of giving Indonesia a monopoly on the sale of certain types of coal."

Item three, in fact, clearly shows the worst aspects of democrat gangsterism. The real problem here is that the democrats no longer truly represent anybody who could support a political party either in terms of money or in terms of votes, and so they are seen raising cash in every country on earth other than the United States in which they supposedly live, and trying to forge voting majorities out of collections of little imaginary victim groups.

The fundraising activities, in particular, are highly leveraged in that very large items of national treasure and assets are being sold off for relatively miniscule sums of campaign cash. In the case of Utahgate which Zeifman mentions as item 3, something like a trillion dollars was pulled out of the American economy for the benefit of Clinton's Lippo buddies in Indonesia, whose donations to the various slick slush funds could not have amounted to more than a few tens of
millions at most.

The costs to the country of Slicks Chinese deals are similarly massive, including a large and growing trade imbalance along with the illegal technology transfers we've read about. Slick taking money from the chicom army is no different in principle from the idea of FDR taking campaign donations from Hitler or Stalin. Ask yourself why FDR never did that; try to imagine how happy it would have made old uncle Adolph to be able to control Washington D.C. for a few measly million here and there to the democratic campaign funds.

Having thus taken care of every mundane problem and care associated with running the vast and complex machinery of the United States government, your next concern as gangster president would probably be to get in on the most major perk which the job entails:

P - U - S - S - Y

One rather unfortunate aspect of life as a gangster is that it does not teach one the virtue of moderation. One of the Tripp tapes, according to internet sources, has Monica asking Slick why he doesn't simply pay Paula Jones off and have done with it. Slick answers that they'd all come up and want money if he did that; Monica replies "All of them?? How many could there be??" and Slick replies "Hundreds..."

There are several inherent problems with trying to set the numeric records ala Don Giovanni and make it with literally hundreds of different women over a course of a few years. One is that the first thing which goes straight out the window is any notion of quality; you'll see these guys come home with Marilyn Monroe one night, and then either Phyllis Diller or Aunt Jemima the next, with the same stupid ****-eating grin on their faces, since it's all really just the same to them.

Another problem in the case of politicians is that they make prime targets for blackmail and manipulation of themselves by conducting themselves like that. Slick couldn't get the simplest kind of security clearance which you'd need to be a janitor or a guard at the gate at any military base in America, and he's supposed to be commander in chief of our armed forces. That's insane.

Another problem in the case of liberals particularly, is that it appears to be a vanishingly small step from believing oneself above man's laws to believing oneself above things like the laws of physics and the law of averages. For instance, thinking "I'm a Kennedy; there's no reason on Earth why I shouldn't be able to ski downhill, operate a camcorder, and play football all at the same time, the trees will get out of the way!" Or, in the case of Slick, thinking he could put the make on 50 different women in one day, and that all 50 would be happy about it.

Something like that could lead to a psychic problem with taking "no" for an answer and, if we're to believe even a small fraction of what we read, it has. The claim which you read around the net is that the Paula Jones testimony includes something like a dozen different allegations of sexual assault and rape, that Slick has been out of control for a long time, and that a professional organization has been in place to keep a lid on this by means of bribery, intimidation, and whatever else gets the job done, and that this has invariably worked because, in each individual case, you had some poor woman on her own without any real resources up against an organization with the resources of one of the fifty states. Documentation for these claims is not difficult to find on the net e.g.


In particular, it is not possible that Hillary Clinton has not known about all of this very nearly from day one.

Given this lack of moderation, it will sometimes happen that, despite all precautions and despite the workings of a spin machine which puts the Nazi German propaganda organ of Joseph Goebbels to shame, some sort of an unflattering story about rape, porking teenage interns, lying about rape or porking teenage interns, or some particularly flagrant act of fundraising daring-do will begin to take up an uncomfortable amount of space in the headlines of the nation's newspapers. What does the gangster president do then?

The answer is obvious. The president of the United States, in these days and times, has the power to start wars, and nothing can compete for front page newspaper space with a good war. We thus have witnessed three of these dog-wagging episodes within one year.

The first case involved blowing up an aspirin factory in Sudan, apparently with the approval of no more than one of the joint chiefs (the rotten apple in that particular barrel):


The second dog-wagging episode involved bombing Iraq the day before Slick was to be impeached:


The standard definition of "chutzvah" in Yiddish dictionaries involved the example of the kid who murdered his parents and then demanded leniency because he was an orphan. That will change. The new definition will use the example of the president who starts a war the day before he's impeached and then has some flunky like Dick Gephardt try to keep his face straight while claiming that it's unpatriotic to start an impeachment with a war in progress.

But the prize of them all was dog-wagging episode III (to take the Broaddrick story off the front pages) , in which a totally innocent slavic orthodox Christian nation was bombed into the stone age for the benefit of white trash, narco-terrorists, and barbarians. I mention the fact that Serbia is a slavic orthodox Christian nation because Russia is also a slavic orthodox Christian nation, i.e. because this third dog-wagging episode involved the risk of a thermonuclear war.

Any serious research into this one will reveal that the Western public was fed an unadulterated diet of BS from the NATO propaganda organ, the Clinton spin machine, and a shiftless Western establishment media which simply included the propaganda on its pages and called it news rather than doing any real reporting. Moreover, the entire picture of the situation in the Balkans which the West has seen in its media over the last decade is rendered hugely suspect since it arises from the same kinds of sources.

Any sort of a thorough research will turn up the reality that the whole problem in Kosovo was always the Albanian Kosovars and not the Serbs. The present problems seemingly began with Miloshevich rescinding the autonomy of the region in 1989. The truth is that he had no options, and that all other ethnic groups in Kosovo were being brutalized by the Albanian Kosovars:


Further readings and articles from the 80's tell much the same story:


What about before that? The truth is that, despite the endless villification and demonization which they come in for from the Clinton spin machine and the NATO propaganda arm, the Serbs are the closest thing there is to normal, rational, decent people in the balkans. They fought with the allies in WW-II and in fact held Hitler for seven months and sent him into Russia in the dead of winter rather than on schedule, but for which the whole world might be sporting swastikas now. They in fact saved 500 allied airmen who were shot down on raids over Ploesti and other targets in the region:


Needless to say, any allied airman who was ever shot down over one of the states surrounding Serbia was killed. The states surrounding Serbia all sided with Hitler, e.g.:


The Serbs paid a horrific price for all of this. Hundreds of thousands of them were murdered, many in Nazi-style death camps set up in the surrounding states.

Nonetheless, history does not count for much amongst gangsters. Clinton and his NWO pals had numerous reasons for wishing to dismantle Yugoslavia, not the least of which was the 5 - 20 trillion in mineral wealth of the Trepca mines. Check out:


for background materials on that sort of topic.

The "Racak massacre" which Clinton and Albright used as a pretext for the NATO action turns out to be more propaganda BS:


and the Rambouillet ultimatum, particularly Appendix B, section 8, which the Serbs refused to sign, turns out to look like something which King George might have written. No nation on Earth would ever sign off on such a thing:


It turns out that the entire case against Serbia was never anything but a bunch of bullshit. There was never any "ethnic cleansing" going on:


and there was never anything remotely like genocide going on:


nothing but a bunch of fabricated bullshit and a bunch of poor sorry people (Serbs) having to defend themselves against an armed insurrection supported and supplied by outside powers.

The laws of war have changed substantially since the end of WW-II. The kinds of things we were doing to the Japanese and Germans, legal then, would be war crimes now. In the Kosovo operation, American forces knew that they had a tough and dangerous adversary to deal with and they knew that they also were doing this for an utterly base and ignoble cause which they could not possibly ask any NATO pilot to die for, and that dog-wagging was again involved. They therefore limited all operations to 15,000 feet or higher. When they discovered that they could not harm the Serbian military from that height, they embarked upon an entire series of war crimes, such as bombing out bridges in the middle of little towns like Varvarin in the middle of the day when, guaranteed, nothing was going to be on them other than people like Sanja Milenkovic running errands. It thus comes as no surprise that even Amnesty International is accusing NATO of war crimes now. Aside from that, they began to bomb out the entire civilian infrastructure of Serbia, including factories, water plants, electrical grids, and basically everything the civilian population of Serbia needs to stay alive. That's all criminal activity.

Walter Rockler, a surviving American prosecutor from the Nuremberg trubunal, claims that NATO is every bit as guilty of war crimes as the nazis were:


So much for William J. (Slick) Clinton, our first gangster president. Everybody who reads pretty much knows what Clinton is about by now. Many are still deluded inasmuch as they like to believe that it's possible for a guy like Slick to end up in charge of a good cause by some perverse quirk of fate. That doesn't happen in the real world; a guy like Slick being in charge of a cause invariably means the cause is messed up.
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What can one say, Gunga, but that it is impossible for anyone to become the president of the US without becoming a war criminal/major terrorist. That's just the nature of the beast.
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