Who do you like better, your mom or dad?

Reply Sat 6 Aug, 2011 08:13 pm
Who are you closest to?
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Reply Sun 7 Aug, 2011 01:29 am
That is a really difficult and interesting question, (for me to answer, at least)

I really couldn't say.
My father was a very no-nonsense, down to brass tacks sort of personality. He was affectionate and loving but that wasn't what immediately struck anyone about him first - you had to really get to know him well before you realized there was a softer side to him.
But being his daughter - I got to see the whole package. He seemed stern, but there WAS a softer side of him - although he NEVER coddled anyone.
It was whatever it was and you better learn how to deal with it and don't try to make any excuses. Nothing got by him - he was very, very sharp.
I loved, respected and admired him greatly- though sometimes he was harder to LIKE than my mother who is softness, nurturing and love embodied.

She is just sunshine, wonder, sweetness and love. I've never heard her say a bad word about anyone in my entire life. She is the sort of person who would find something good to say about ANYONE - if someone said something bad about Osama bin Laden - she'd say something like, 'Well, he probably had a bad start in life...I can't believe he would MEAN to kill all those people' or something like that.
She's an angel - she really is.

So both of them give and gave me (my dad has died) different but very important and wonderful characteristics to model in life. There was so much to like about both of them. I really couldn't choose which one I needed or liked better. My mother was easier to be with in general, but my father probably made me a stronger person.
They actually are my two favorite people in the world. I was so lucky to have been given them as parents.

Here are pictures of them so you can see what I mean.

Even though he's smiling and bemused, my father's eyes say: Be ready to explain what you mean.
Whereas my mother is just: 'Oh, look at that - isn't life so wonderful?'


Reply Sun 7 Aug, 2011 11:23 pm
Aww! Your parents look awesome! I'm sorry about your dad, that really sucks. I couldn't imagine not having my dad around. My dads really cool but he's not home alot and when he is he's always doing something for work. He's really strict sometimes but he can be fun. He plays video games with me and my brother. Lol. I've never met my mom but I always imagine her being like yours. You know, real nice and smart and beautiful. Your really lucky aidan, I wish I had a mom like yours. Smile
Reply Sun 7 Aug, 2011 11:24 pm
Haha! The pic of your dad is funny! He looks really nice! Mr. Green
Reply Tue 9 Aug, 2011 10:57 pm
Thank you GracieGirl- I do count myself very lucky, because yeah they were/are awesome and my father was really nice. He'd have done anything for me (and did) as I'm sure your Dad would do for you.
I'm sorry you didn't have and long for a mother. I can understand that that must be difficult.
My mother didn't have a mother or a father - she grew up in an orphanage. Since she didn't have a mother, she wanted to be the best mother she could be to her children - a family was always her biggest dream - and she made it happen.
I remember you said you'd like to have children. You'll probably be an awesome mother too, knowing as you do, how important having a mother can be in a child's life.
Reply Thu 11 Aug, 2011 03:56 pm
Yea! I guess your right. Thanks a ton aidan! Your really awesome! Very Happy Mr. Green Wink
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