How many can we toss out in 2012?

Reply Tue 26 Jul, 2011 11:09 am
I don't understand you Miller. You're acting like it's Obama as being the one who's proposed and is considering the cut in Medicaid and Social Security. Isn't in fact the no new tax Republicans who want to kill off these social protections?
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cicerone imposter
Reply Tue 26 Jul, 2011 11:37 am
I'm surprised you even wasted time to post waterboy's past opinions that was off by multiples of millions. I just put him on ignore to save time; reading his posts is only a waste of time that provides nothing of value.
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Reply Tue 26 Jul, 2011 12:32 pm
@cicerone imposter,
Well, you started this out with the absolutely true claim that the government is dysfunctional, playing chicken with our future, and deserves to be thrown out. I would have agreed with you at that point, but then you went and ruined it by purporting that it's really only the conservatives who are the problem. This is exactly the way to perpetuate the situation forever.
Reply Tue 26 Jul, 2011 12:41 pm
Too bad for you that it's perfectly correct. It sure isn't the Dems who are gumming up the works of Congress these days, and you know it.

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cicerone imposter
Reply Tue 26 Jul, 2011 12:42 pm
Brandon, It is the republicans. Boehner already said he will not compromise. The dems also drew lines in the sand that Obama eventually offered to get a deal. Now that they both have drawn lines in the sand, it's about playing chicken with our country's future. They're all losers in my books.

Obama has shown he has no backbone, and his decisions have been wishy-washy without any real leadership. His presidency is a failure in my books.
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Reply Tue 26 Jul, 2011 01:15 pm
That's just his way.

Obama had a plan some months ago and it was voted down 97-0.
97-0 indicates both democrats and republicans said no way to Obama's one and only plan.

Now it's Obama that's saying NO and threatening to VETO what he does not like.

It is Obama that is gumming up the works... it is Obama that needs to accept full responsibility for the terrible economic situation his arrogance, ignorance and unwillingness to compromise has brought to America.
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Reply Tue 26 Jul, 2011 03:52 pm
Yes, "It's all your fault" is sooooo likely to lead us out of this mess. Brilliant.
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Reply Tue 26 Jul, 2011 05:27 pm
It is an entitlement. We paid for it; we're entitled to it. The paying is what distinguishes entitlements from welfare.
cicerone imposter
Reply Tue 26 Jul, 2011 05:55 pm
But the GOP-tea party wants to destroy that "entitlement" that you paid for.

From thinkprogress.
ARMEY: Let me say that flab is a good word in government. It is wasteful, counter-productive flab that not only does not good for America, but actually diminishes America’s ability to function. [...]

HOST: If you had your druthers, where would you cut?

ARMEY: Where would I cut? First thing I’d do…let Social Security be a choice. … I will give you a guarantee you will get your social security as you know it today, with no change other than a proper cost of living index if you choose to stay if you let those of us who want to leave it. And if it’s such a great deal, why can’t it be voluntary? Why must the government force people to accept their benefits whether they need them or not or whether they want them or not.

Let Medicare be voluntary. I mean, why is that so hard?

Does Dick Armey know what most Americans savings for retirement is? If retirement security is left to the people, most will be living in our streets as homeless people, and begging for food on every corner of our country. Does Mr Armey know how much most Americans save for retirement?

If that's the case, why are all conservatives so ready to give up what they paid for?

Isn't that one of the biggest mystery of our politics?
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Reply Tue 4 Oct, 2011 06:11 am
farmerman wrote:

I have paid in , and as an company owner I also pay in for my employees. This goes into a TRUST FUND that has been robbed by both parties.
Ive done the math and have found that, if I retire at 65 (not 66), I will have paid into the system for about 43 yewrs(I was a research fellow at the ront end and got a "apycheck that was all deducted up even though I made like 12K a year)
ANyway, my math showed me at a 3% per annum interest, Id have enough paid in for a max benefit with a COLA of 2% and this would last me till I was 91.

If I got an annuity from a private insurance fund, that isnt called an entitlement.
Will the politicians even mention that they owe us a myriad of paybacks on IOU;s rom which theyve absconded with cash from the fund when it seemed like an endless reservoir. The use of "Entitlemet" makes it sound like Social Swcurity recipients are freeloading bums and they are NOT.

The word "Entitlement" comes fdrom the same GOP phrase generator as
"Death Panels"
"Enhanced RAdiation"
"Death TAx"
"Shock andAWWW"
"AMericas economic fundamentals are sound"

I never called Social Security an entitlement. The USA government is the one slapping labels on programs.
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