Just say no to drugs (Demons)

Reply Sat 11 Jun, 2011 07:48 am
Come take a walk and talk with me I‘ll tell you all about their dirty little secrets
Step out of denial chill out listen up and maybe then you will be able to see this
Go ahead don’t be stupid you can do this just say no and dispose of Joe’s drugs
So you won't owe money and/or your life to them and end up foes to those thugs
Like when them doped up half dead hungry drug dealers come flying up to you
Like: “I’ve got some good sh** that’ll fu** you up – no really I'm not lying its true"
Then later on when they flip flop they’ll come crying like: “I was so lying to you”
“I've got a really bad drug addiction that’ll never ever be over flying and through”
I wish you would hear me before you and all your good friends will be dying too!
Listen to me unless you want to be stuck fu**ed broke hungry and looking astute
You shouldn’t worry about looking cool so forget them and just say no to weed
A lot of addicts will agree saying “Marijuana is a gateway drug because it’ll lead
To hacking coughing wheezing not to mention the mood swings and other drugs”
If you're a son of an addict you won't want to even give your own mother hugs
Don’t roll on E be smart if you only knew the danger you’d just say no to ecstasy
If you don't you'll be thinking: “Wow damn why am I so horny? I’m perplexed Billy
“There’s just this ugly scrawny corny goofy dorky white boy standing next to me?"
“That’s weird he’s not even handsome he’s an ass and he never even flexed silly”
So stay away from the snort snort the sniff sniff and just say no to that cocaine
If you don't trust me you'll end up snorting and sniffing the whole damn thang
You’ll even leave your childhood friend who would never do coke hanging and
Claiming that you’re “Too damn busy for him” and the whole shebang –and
Why would you even want to try this sh**? Are you crazy? Just say no to crack
Or else you'll have no choice it’ll keep calling - you'll definitely be coming back
Didn’t you see the many warning signs given to you? Just say no to crystal meth
Listen to that advice or else it'll be the biggest pistol you would have ever met
I’m telling you – you better listen to me just say no to that speed oh yes indeed
Or else you will be fiending begging crying and screaming like: “Steve! Steve!
Hey! psst where are you going come back I love that sh** I need some more please!”
Acting like a child with your legs crossed sitting on the floor scratching on your knees
I bet you see now Melanie you so should've listened to our friend Heather than
I wish you did than to have given up our friendship cause you shot up some heroin
Now for the rest of your life you'll be stuck doing that junk or some methadone
Your best bet would have been just to have just said no and to have left it alone
If you don't you'll be fu**ed up and paranoid so just say no to that and angel dust
Or else you’ll be trying to stop that plane from making a flame out of that bus
So just say no to drugs and don't be curious don’t even try it no not even once
That way you won't have to worry about losing your money or dying over bumps
Just say no to the tobacco and don’t smoke on those filthy stinky nasty cigarettes
They don’t care if you all choke they’re just cashing in bigger and bigger checks
Just say no to the hooch the booze the liquor the sauce you know the evil alcohol
You don’t want to lose control stumbling and holding yourself up against the wall
Just say no to drugs I’m telling you don't sniff it snort it smoke it or even inject
If you do you'll be thinking you're cool getting into bisexuality bestiality and incest
Ewwww! Listen to me I’m trying so hard just listen to me when I try to warn ya
Or else you'll be stuck looking stupid and confused living on that very same corner
Stuck looking stupid and confused wishing you were fed and a little bit warmer
Begging passersby like: "Hay buddy please I need some food got a quarter?"
By Just say no to drugs
© 2011 Just say no to drugs (All rights reserved)
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Reply Sat 11 Jun, 2011 01:49 pm
no to drugs.
Reply Sat 11 Jun, 2011 02:02 pm
Turning anything into a taboo is a bad idea. I think "Just say no" is an extremelly innefective ad, possibly making drugs even more enticing for the young. What is forbidden is enticing, cause humans are bastards.

Instead, ads should be truthful. They shoud, yes, admit that there are some people who manage to stay on control of the lighter drugs, albeit, yes, these people are ultimately still mostly nuking their healthy. Drugs need to lose the "magical aura" that surrounds then due to ads and the society trying (and succeding) into turning them into taboo.
Reply Sun 19 Jun, 2011 02:47 pm
You can do better than that.
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Reply Sun 19 Jun, 2011 02:52 pm
Not all humans are bastards, "just say no" worked for me I am in no way enticed to try coke, crack, heroin, etc etc. This "just say no" is invective only to those who are already damaged or who you call "bastards". Just because people aren't replying positively doesn't mean this "just say no" didn't work. And yes a lot of people do use drugs or what you call making drugs taboo only entices people but I'd rather try to tell people my story of what I saw drugs do to some people than to sit back and say nothing at all.

Thanks for replying.
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