Sound Restoration Software?

Reply Thu 24 Feb, 2011 01:52 am
What do people recommend for Sound Restoration software. I used DC Live for a while, and was reasonably happy with it, but then the trial version ran out, and I didn't see that it was worth the $1,400 being that it really wasn't that much better than Sound Forge. What are people recommending though?
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Reply Thu 24 Feb, 2011 08:52 am
You've already asked this question several times on A2K.
Reply Thu 24 Feb, 2011 05:50 pm
I figured someone would tell me that.
Actually, no. I asked about Sound Editing Software that allowed the user to draw/correct sound with a pencil tool.
Then I asked about favorite Sound Editing Softwares.
But sound restoration is a very specific subset of sound design tools. They definitely have some over lap. But no, this time I'm interested in Sound Restoration in Particular.
Reply Fri 25 Feb, 2011 07:59 am
If what you had with that trial-version of DC Live was decent and accomplished your task, then why not try to negotiate a dioscount with the business that designed it? If that doesn't work, what you're looking for is to do tasks that are so esoteric and specific that you might be on a 'mission impossible'.

Are you going to be making money from your sound project? If so, you might want to reconsider trying to do this 'on the cheap'

Being a techy and an audiophile, I'm fairly knowledgable about technical aspects of recording, but for the life of me I can't understand how the same software can't be used to accomplish both types of projects. I'm not seeing the distinction.

Unless what you think you want is such esoteric software with a GUI that is so tailored to accomplish those specific tasks in a production mode? If that is the case, you probably want to talk with someone that works in the industry at a engineering studio..or the record industry.

Or is that your task and projects is/are transcribing vinyl or other media music onto CDs and want to get rid of poor equalization, ticks/pops etc, out of the music. Are you trying to fix poorly mastered media to fix recordings from older technology so the music sounds better. Or am I just guessing at your purpose.

Regardless of what the task really is, have you tried using Google to see what's available for shareware on the Internet. I typed in keyword 'sound restoration software' and got the following hits:

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Reply Fri 25 Feb, 2011 08:32 am
Here's another link to music mixing publication that could lead you to what you might be seeking, the article on the linked page is specifically addressing sound restoration software:
There are reviews there specifically that talk about 'audio renewal' and sound restoration proggies that are those estoeric programs - right up your alley.

And...here's one more last thought:

As I look over many of your previous posts, your background is that you've a degree in computer programming. You've got avery knowledgable perspective at this point. Perhaps what you really are looking for is the equivalent of a 'free lunch'. You've already found suitable software (your own words) d/l with free trials. You know the tools pretty well and, as a programmer, you've far more specific industry knowledge than most (or all) of the people who are regulars here. I'm not sure how anyone can help you any further? I know that I can't, so I'll shut-up. LOL
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