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peter jeffrey cobb
Reply Sun 16 Jan, 2011 03:13 pm
well I can create scenarios in my mind why she left. More than likley it would be that she dint understand my disease Smile I am scared of my brother. He is a medical proffessional, he has personal involvement in my case, He is extremly smart. If he wishes to do so, He has the connections and influence to have me put away in a padded cell. He proved it to me when he sent the broward sheriffs officce to my door. I have verry little understading of what a case worker is. After my mom came back, I finaly went to a social security office, swalloed any illusions of pride that I may have left, and applied for disability, after 60 or 90 days, I recieved a letter saying I was dennied. I looked in the internet about the topic and found out it was proccedure to denny people. (it saves tax payers money). So I followed proccedure and filled for reconsideration, This time it took less than 30days for a denial letter to come back, and the next step in the proccedure was to go to a formal hearing. I AM not a lawyer I do not know about law. So that Binder and Binder commercial turned over a few times in my mind and I called them to represent me. Thats pretty much were I am with that, I am probaly mistaken but I think my social worker is the lady that was behind the desk in the Social Security place. And as far who do I talk to in situations like that........ Well that would be the Big conference room of my mind Smile
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