Gifts I Enjoyed Giving

Fri 19 Nov, 2010 03:15 pm
saab, That's a lovely idea for a gift. A little something special every day. I think I would enjoy being the giver and the receiver.
Fri 26 Nov, 2010 03:13 am
I donĀ“t know if this counts as a gift, but I have had fun to prepare it.
This idea came from adventcalenders. Instead of Christmas cards I have now prepared 24 e-mails to some especially single friends (5). They will get an e-mail every day from Dec 1st till 24th with a special picture matching December, Advent, Christmas and Christmas tradition.
Fri 26 Nov, 2010 03:32 am
saab, I think that the thought and time that you put into this idea counts as a gift in a nontangible way. I'm not at all surprised that you had fun preparing it. I'm sure that the recipients will enjoy it too.
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Thu 9 Dec, 2010 12:07 am
I love that idea, saab! So very thoughtful!

We have a very special family friend who I have known, literally, since the day I was born. Her name is M-----. I've seen her every Christmas of my life. We consider her a member of the family. She is elderly now, living in a memory care unit about 100 miles away from us, and she can barely walk. We visited her at Thanksgiving and plan to see her again at Christmas, of course.

She and Hubby have always gotten along like old friends. One time about 20 years ago, the two of them were talking about their long-gone fathers. Hubby recalled that when he was growing up, his father always used to give him a coconut for Christmas. It was the only time of the year the stores in Texas had them. It was a goofy present, and it always made Hubby laugh. M related that her father always gave her the same present every year...a box of chocolate-covered cherries, her favorite candy. And he always taped a $5 bill to the bottom of the box.

It was a casual conversation, that's all. But sure enough, next Christmas Hubby unexpectedly found a coconut among M's gifts to us with a tag reading, "Merry Christmas! From Dad." And M found a box of chocolate-covered cherries with a $5 bill taped to the bottom along with a tag that read, "Merry Christmas, My Darling Girl! From Dad." Neither one of them expected the other would remember, and both Hubby and M were moved to tears.

Every single Christmas since then, these two presents have always been there. Nothing is ever said about it, it just happens.

My brother now has to do M's shopping for her, and I am sure he has been told what to do. If she gets to the point where she no longer remembers why, Hubby says he will keep giving her the chocolates and $5 anyway. It's an important part of Christmas for him now, and always will be. And I do love him for it.
Thu 9 Dec, 2010 12:14 am
Eva, This is a lovely and heart-warming story. Thanks for sharing.
Thu 9 Dec, 2010 05:19 am

The easiest gift is a new leather wallet stuffed with many
$10s and $20s and a lot of $50s and $100s stuffed into the concealed pocket.

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Thu 9 Dec, 2010 05:30 am
chai2 wrote:
Once I was in a day long meeting with about a dozen people.
During the course of the day, one woman mentioned how her father,
who'd died several years back, would send her flowers every May Day.

She looked so wistful talking about it.

So, on the next May Day, I anonymously sent her flowers.

She didn't connect it to mentioning it several months prior,
for all I know she could have talked about it several times before and after.

She called all around, but could never figure out where they came from.
In the 1980s, I was seeing a girl who had an 8 year old son.
I traveled a lot, all over America.

Postmarked from some foreign State,
I sent him a letter saying (approximately):

Mr. Joe Blow
Address, NY

Dear Sir:

1. It is the purpose of this writing to inform u that u won 2nd prize in the Contest.

2. Here 's the money.

3. Better luck next time.

Contest Committee"

A $1OO.oo bill was included with the cover letter.

Thay never knew who sent the cash.

I figured that each time he re-told his experience with this,
to friends, schoolmates or relatives, he 'd re-live the happiness of it,
for the rest of his life.

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Thu 9 Dec, 2010 05:43 am

Something else that was fun:
in a restaurant, call over the most beautiful waitress
and tell her that she won the prize in the contest:
the "most beautiful girl around here" contest and give her a $1OO.oo bill.

Sometimes, thay don't expect that to happen.

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Thu 9 Dec, 2010 03:07 pm

U can also stuff an automatic umbrella full of $20s, $50s and $100 bills,
give it to your donee-beneficiary and advise him or her to open it to check the mechanism.

Then the cash falls on him or her, like a rain storm.
(Thay ofen shriek or yell when that happens.)

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Tue 7 Feb, 2012 07:37 am
Roberta wrote:
I bought one share of stock for a young boy. Why? Dunno. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and it was. Because he was a minor, the share was in my name and his. I got a quarterly dividend check (usually not more than two dollars). I cashed the check and sent him the money. He loved this! For times a year he got money from me, and four times a year he and I were connected.

I adopted whales in the names of two children. Unlike other wildlife "adoptions," I got to select the whales. They had names. I picked a huge female for the girl child and a young male for the boy. They received siting reports and updates all year long. They loved it, and I enjoyed getting the updates from them.

Every year I visit the same friends for Christmas. I was running out of gift ideas. I pondered. I came up with the following:

I went to various health food and exotic food stores or sections in markets. I found unusual and/or exotic items such as cranberry mustard, pickled watermelon rind, etc. I bought a big basket. I wrapped each food item individually and placed each in the basket. Then I wrapped the basket. I threw in a small bottle of champagne and some caviar. My friends loved receiving this gift. Opening it was fun. They tried and enjoyed most of the things I bought. I got reports. The cranberry mustard was a hit.

As I was writing, I realized that these gifts all have one thing in common. Each kept me connected to the person I gave the gift to.
Each was in a sense a gift that kept on giving and gave back to me.

What gifts have you enjoyed giving?
"Risk a R.A.S.K." (Random Act of Senseless Kindness)
There have been many gifts, most of them to strangers in public places.
Mostly, I 've given cash both to children and to adults. (The adults were usually chicks.)
I like to respect their autonomy n their personal freedom.
Cash enhances freedom. One of my favorite gifts was dropping cash
from a passing hot air balloon down onto the grass below,
with some children frolicking not far away. The pilot of the balloon called out to them.
The sun flashed in dimes, quarters n half dollars, on the way down.

Another, in Denver for a convention, was in a movie theater.
After paying for my Milk Duds with a $2O bill,
I turned to 2 boys (maybe about 11 years old) who were behind me in line
and invited them to share the change that I left on the counter for their enjoyment.
Their receiving $$$$$ on an UNEXPECTED basis adds to the thrill of it.

Ofen (not ofen enuf), I have dumped $5O bills in front of a child in public places, without breaking stride.
I saw from their facial expressions that thay were surprized; then I saw them beaming joy.

I 1ce abandoned a $1OO bill in front of a cashier (very pretty brunette) in a bookstore.
She screamed in rage & fury at me. She got mad! I dunno Y. (Maybe she thawt it was not enuf.)
Street bums have been consistent in showing very little interest when u give them a few dollars,
as thay inventory trash cans looking for bottles, tho each $1 = 20 bottles and the cash is ofen cleaner than the trash.

Another stunt is buying a chocolate pop from an outdoor ice cream vendor (teenaged boy) in summer
with a $5O bill and leave, abandoning the change.

1ce, I saw 2 young girls (c.1O years old, give or take) lying supine on a rug
in a hotel lobby by a Christmas tree. I showered them in $2O bills.
I doubt that thay were expecting that to happen (looked surprized).
In the 1980s, I was seeing a young lady who had an 8 year old son.
He liked dinosaurs. I got some stamps from the Post Office
with dinosaurs on them (not real dinosaurs, just pictures).
I flew a lot around America. Over time, I sent him several $1OO bills
by mail from other States, using false indenties;
e.g. I 1ce typed him a cover letter for the cash,
postmarked in a distant State saying something like:

"Mr. Yadda Yadda
Address, NY

Dear Sir:

1. It is the purpose of this writing to inform you that you won Second Prize in the Contest.

2. Here is the money.

3. Better luck next time.

The Contest Committee"
(Those events were never associated with me; forever anonymous.)
My thinking was that he 'd re-tell this strange event
many times to his friends, his classmates and to his grandchildren
and each time he does, he will RE-live it, creating more JOY at no expense to me.

I 've gone to many conventions of groups to which I belong;
e.g. the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, Mensa symposia, the NRA,
the International Association for Near Death Studies, Republican Party, Astronomy,
the 2nd Amendment Foundation, Bar Associations, libertarian groups, gun shows & gold coin shows.
In the convention hotels, when I've been alone, unobserved,
I 've abandoned $2O bills or $5O bills in public areas,
e.g. ballrooms or halls, on top of wooden furniture for whoever finds them first. Its kinda fun.
Sometimes, in a crowd, I 've just silently dropped money on the carpet.

The cash flows of children r smaller than those of adults,
so RASKing results in more of an emotional SHOCK; its more efficient than qua adults

For instance, I 1ce met a woman at a summer resort, who introduced her son to me.
She said that it was his 13th birthday. I had a $20 bill and a $10 bill immediately at hand,
(I 'd been swimming, using my false wallet near the pool) with which I begifted him for the occasion.
A few weeks thereafter, we were sitting on the porch in conversation
and he said to me: "u know, David, when u put that money in my hand,
that was THE MOST MONEY that I had ever held in my life!"
It made a good impression on him; that was what I wanted.
RASKs r not exercises in finances; thay r exercises in hedonics -- to create JOY

In December, I attended the 1OOth birthday party of an old friend.
His 8 year old great-grandson looked bored. I sought to rescue him
from his boredom with a $2O bill. It was an emergency.
(I have a hunch that he was not expecting that to happen.)
Half an hour later, he was still holding it in his hand.
He said that he did not have a wallet. (That happens a lot.)
I did not have a spare wallet with me, or I 'd have stuffed
a respectable amount of cash into it and given it to him.
I suggested to his mother that she get him one.
A gentleman is not properly dressed without his wallet or his guns.

RASKing has been kind of an informal hobby of mine over the years, decades n centuries.
Another stunt is when food in a restaurant has been outstandingly good,
and when I like the looks of my waitress, I've tipped her in $1OO bills b4 the check is presented.
Sometimes thay r surprized at that.
1ce I tipped a singularly BEAUTIFUL blonde court reporter a $1OO bill at the end of a deposition.
She showed no interest in it, as I left. ( I have NEVER seen a court reporter get tipped anything except then.)
I deemed my gift to have failed to create joy for the blonde. Sad.
A few years later when I met her again on-the-job, she seemed happy with me. Maybe she remembered.

In some restaurants, I have called over particularly beautiful young ladies and begifted them with $1OO bills.
Thay have inquired qua the reason for that, to which I have answered:
"because u won the contest." Thay asked "what contest?"
I said: "the most beautiful girl around here contest." That was fun.

Possibly, we have a hobby in common, Roberta.

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Fri 15 Jun, 2012 02:24 am
best gift for a girl's chain, necklace, 101 roses if you are able to buy them or just to take her to a romantic dinner.
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Smart Lina
Fri 29 Jun, 2012 02:46 am
I like preparing cards for each individual and make it little funny so that they remember anyways..!
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Wed 23 Mar, 2016 04:01 am
I like to gift something useful to everyone. I have interests in reading, so i usually gift reading books to people along with a small or big basket of chocolates, handmade cookies, fruits. The book gives my special touch with basket. I choose different baskets as per occasion.
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Wed 23 Mar, 2016 08:14 am
Thanks to the spammers for resparking this thread.

Wally has developed a passion for toothpicks, unfortunately, I was finding used ones all over the house. Placed little bowls around for there disposal, to no avail, until....

A few weeks ago, I was wasting a half an hour before meeting someone for lunch, and went into a restaurant supply store. There's something about stores that carry supplies for different types of business, or stationary stores, that facinates me.

Anyway, just meandering up and down the aisles, and I found this. The smile on his face when he opened the box was so worth it.

Wed 23 Mar, 2016 03:22 pm
My first gift of a bonsai kitten was greeted with squeals of joy.
Wed 23 Mar, 2016 05:22 pm
good times linkat, good times.
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Wed 23 Mar, 2016 05:50 pm
Funny you should mention toothpicks. While in was in the rehab hospital, I asked for a couple of q-tips to clean my ears after wearing hearing aids much longer than usual. He said 'no' and looked offended. "How about a few toothpicks", I said. "Everybody has toothpicks, don't they?". He turned around and walked off. I took that as a 'no'.
Wed 23 Mar, 2016 06:13 pm
You should have asked for bobby pins, or better yet, a paper clip.

Wed 23 Mar, 2016 06:24 pm
I guess no one buys or even knows what a bobby pin is, but thank god we still have paper clips.
Wed 23 Mar, 2016 07:01 pm
Oh bobby pins are sold. Otherwise how does one properly do their french twist?

Seriously though, they're easy to find.

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