HELP! Need ideas for hubby's first million celebration....

Thu 13 Apr, 2017 05:53 pm
In June, my SO is selling his startup company and will officially become a millionaire. This has been a long term goal of his for pretty much ever.. and I want to get him something significant to mark the occasion. Something he can keep forever hopefully. Does anyone have any ideas? Im terrible at these kind of things... but I was thinking of something engravable. He has some things from his late father that he has kept (a silver mug, a fancy quill... things like that) and I would love for whatever the gift is to be kept like those items.

To give you some background on him.... hes 32 years old, very business oriented, we love traveling and are in the process of moving to Africa.

ANY ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!
Thu 13 Apr, 2017 06:02 pm
Krate was gonna suggest packs of exotic imported beers until noted you're moving
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Thu 13 Apr, 2017 06:13 pm
Nothing that you can buy is going to be significant compared to seven digits. What are his hobbies, what are the things he really enjoys doing to relax and have fun? I would start there and find something that you can tie a memory of you both to. He keeps the things from his dad because there are memories of his dad attached with him. Your celebration of his success should be less about an item and more about a memory your husband can associate. For example...he loves to fish... you take him on a fishing trip to some he's never been but is supposed to be great. He'll attach that memory to something and that something will be special to him.
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Thu 13 Apr, 2017 06:49 pm
Does he like or despise or is in between about jewelry? No, I'm not a spammer. It's just that if you think a pendant of some sort with engraving could possibly work for him, or even something like his father had, a trip to a serious jewelry store could help you decide, one way or another.

When we got married, low on money as usual, we used my grandmother's thick gold band for me, and none for him. We did have it engraved for us inside the ring. Some time later, we went to a well known jewelry store in Beverly Hills, and popped for a platinum rather modern band for me. We both liked it and soon he went to a neighborhood silversmith's garage business (this is in Venice, CA, lots of artisans) who replicated one for himself, in silver, us still being cheap. He was a good silversmith, and I still have a cluster of quite dear items from over the years.

NOT that you need to go cheap - I mean that really good jewelers can at least give you ideas.

A pendant or engraved art work may be smarter than a ring.
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Thu 13 Apr, 2017 09:07 pm
Do you have something from the very beginning of his company that is meaningful? For example if he was a carpenter his first hammer...you could have it framed in a glass box with something written with the date of when he started through the date he sold his company.
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Tue 27 Jun, 2017 04:50 am
Cufflinks made of 5 gram gold bars. The name of the bank should be on them.
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