She Says She Scare from Me

Reply Fri 29 Oct, 2010 05:47 pm
Hello All, I am AwAiS Ch. from Pakistan and My English is Bad but I will try to Explain my GirlFriends Problem. I can't share her name but her nick is: " Teekoo " . I Love her and she Love me too. She came to My Home when no one is in home except me and Sit near me and we talk on some topics and about ourselfs like: whats new today, what happened in school e.t.c. or something romantic.

me nd my GirlFriend chat daily after she came back from School from 2pm to 8pm or 9pm and during that time if she alone in home, she told me no one is in home, then i ask her should i come? then she says: yes, but came carefully, and i go to her home and when i reach her home she is on door and always smiling behind the door and i ask her should i come in then she didn't say anything but after 5 or more seconds she ask me come inside and i go in and then she didn't talk with me, just reply me when i ask her any question or start a topic during that time she Smile too much, Act like She is Shying from me. [The Distance Between our Homes is just of some seconds.]

and when i came back my home and start chating with her again, she tell that her heart is beating fast and she scare from me. when i ask her why you scare from me?, then she reply: Don't know.

Last night on Friday at 7pm when she is alone in home, she ask me to come and i goto her home. i just reached her home and she is behind the door and smiling and asking me to come in. I just come in and just hear another door bell. Who is on Door?, Her Father...

Oh God, That is Moment when I think her Heart will fail if her Dad see me with her... then quickly i got an idea and i goto second floor[Roof] and remain there until her father came inside home...

I didn't hear any Bad Reaction and not even her dad know that i am in home and on second floor.

when her dad go in another room, the last room, i just think to came back to ground floor and try to go out side of her home, when i am going out she is on door asking me to go dad is in another room and i am success in that.

thank God, i come back home safely and without her dad know someone is in home.

I come back home and open my Yahoo Messenger and I See Offline MSGs by her that: " Sorry My Love, I didn't knew that dad will came " and alot of more msgs and she saying sorry, sorry and sorry.

I replied back and told her not to say sorry, sometime happens and after that we start chating again and she told me that right now she is not feeling scaring from me.

(I think she is shying not scaring from me, because she is in Love first time... only with me...)

during our chat session, we go romantic, and when i ask her how you feeling now and what you want to do then she replied: " I want to come to your home and want to see you, missing you alot ".

and after romantic chat i ask her a question: " Promise me you will not leave me forever Sad " and she start crying and reply me: " No, I will not, i am crying right now, don't know why. " ... and after that answer i also feeling sad...missing her alooooot....

Now This is My Situation, Today is Saturday Morning and She will be Come Our Home and She Told me that She want me to get her out of scaring feelings by doing anything..., then i say: Ok, i will do something Special.

Now Please please please, tell me what should i do, should i Kiss her?? and also prefer me that what i do.....

Waiting for your Replies and Again Saying Sorry Because my English is BAD.
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Reply Fri 29 Oct, 2010 05:53 pm
I'm not even going to attempt to advise. I will tell you, though, that women who act one way and talk another really scare me. Since I don't like being scared, I avoid them.

She does keep getting you into situations and getting scared when she does, doesn't she?
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Reply Fri 29 Oct, 2010 07:09 pm
It sounds like she's not shy, but nervous about being emotionally involved with you. There's nothing you can really do to 'make it go away' unless you reinforce that you're a safe choice and would do nothing to compromise her feelings. Take it slow. Don't rush into kissing and whatnot if she's not even comfortable being around you yet. The easiest way to make things work smoothly is to talk about it with her and assure her you want things to work. Ask what might help her feel comfortable with you.
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Reply Fri 29 Oct, 2010 08:06 pm
I ask her i will do something, so you will not scare from me and others, She ask me also to do something to finish scare...

and i am trying my best to feel her comfortable...!!!

and also she ask me she need original things, i mean when i chat with her and i sent her a rose or kiss smilies she immediately reply: give me original / need original .

and also when i come back from her home or she go from my home and we start chat then i sent her that smilies again but she then reply: When I am with you, why not you do that time?

Now you can see what situation is now...
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Reply Sat 30 Oct, 2010 09:18 am
How old are you?

Can you ask her father for permission to see her? Can you have dinner with the family? Why do you sneak around?

She is scared because she is excited and nervous. This will get better the more you see her. She will not be afraid of you then.

Good luck; ain't love grand?
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