My Latest Dreams

Reply Tue 10 Aug, 2010 11:45 pm
Should I reveal them?

There is one about a Buddhist priest and one about a marked superhero that turned out to be an alternate self.

If i do not reveal this it may never be known...

Both have to do with "wheels" in fantastic ways, weird huh?

Who invented the wheel?
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Reply Wed 11 Aug, 2010 09:24 am
I will start with the one about the Buddhist priest. It is not every day I have a dream about a Buddhist priest. Smile

Well, the priest looked me in the eyes with a look that made me know that I had been his pupil. Suddenly there was this knowing between me and him. As if I had sat at his feet all of my life living and sustaining off of every word out of his mouth. This eye contact conveyed a lifetime of knowledge. I sensed a love for him a humility and his gentle path became my own.

Then, there was a curtain before us and he stepped through the curtain. I realized we were on this precipice and down below were spectators watching.

This priest walked ahead on the precipice and then I noticed the wheel, a giant wheel spinning slowly. Without a single hesitation the Buddhist priest stepped upon the wheel and it carried him up where at a certain point he jumped from the wheel. Though he could have departed from the wheel at any height but his fortune was to unfortunately jump from the highest point. Well, he fell to the ground and died...

I looked down and was filled with questions and profound sadness.

Could fate be as simple as this?

We all get on the wheel at some point and it carries us up to a certain height where we must then exit the wheel.

Some exit the wheel when it is a low height and they simply step off the wheel while some are carried up by the wheel to a seemingly insurmountable height.

So proper landing is just as important as the height we are carried up to.

My own priest had to jump from the top and he did not flinch but jumped and there he lay at the bottom in his unsuccessful attempt at fate.

I knew I was next in line. Is a god necessary to run this wheel? Or is life simply a draw from a mechanism of pure luck?

After several days of pondering this dream it occurred to me there was another wheel also. one that went cross ways. This wheel had to do with people and their influence upon us. Life is not only decided by the wheel of fortune but it has people who can influence the way we land. One could conceivable survive a leap from the top of the wheel if they landed right.

From behind the curtain it seemed like a divine hand was the harbinger of providence, though once seeing the wheel I realized that it could all be simply circumstance and, the luck of the draw... we come into this world and when it is our time, we leap from the wheel and either survive or we lay dead below leaving behind only the memory of our existence.
mark noble
Reply Wed 11 Aug, 2010 09:54 am
Hi Rex!

Ezekiel (wheels within wheels)

Everything is connected...

All the best!
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Reply Sun 15 Aug, 2010 09:27 am
I had a dream last night I was carrying my ex boyfriend around in this parking lot looking for my car... I was sure I drove there in a vehicle but I don't own a car. Anyway I got to be with him again at least in a dream. It was like carrying him through a doorway for our honeymoon... This dream was just to remind me how much I still love him... Not to lose sight of my goals...
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