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What is the core.

Speaking of the core of your body and exercise, many people are probably not aware of their core.

They have many other bodily functions that obscure the awareness of the core.

If your physical body's core in any way has trauma then you will become aware of it.

It has taken me many years to collect the parts of this puzzle I will try and explain.

I have core issues myself.

I had a torn diaphragm. I am not sure why or how but I did and I had it as far back as I can remember.

The diaphragm is the muscle that makes your lungs breathe.

The diaphragm is your core.

Not for philosophical reasons but for mechanical reasons.

Our skeletal form is like a bird's form, only, we don't have wings.

It is actually a possible drawback to our form.

We are born with the architecture to fly but with no wings.

This presents an imbalance in the purpose of our architecture.

We no longer have the force of air to strengthen our core.

Humans are flightless birds.

Since the wind is no longer a way for us to fly, then when an exercise ball is placed in that part of the back, spine and vector, it activates a primal part of our physiology.

I had a surgeon go in and stitch my diaphragm together.

After that I had to reteach my core.

It was like one side of my back was was just born and weak and the other side was too strong and tense all time. Like my back being torn apart from the inside. Luckily my bones are healthy.

It is like being born with feathers on only one side.

Think about some spare ribs, think of how tight the meat is around the bones and trying to change a life long muscular core pattern.

One of the only muscles in the human body that I know of that attaches to a bone, are two muscles that come down from your shoulders on each side and attach to a bone in the upper center part of the spine. This is also where the diaphragm muscle is connected inside the chest cavity. The diaphragm attaches under the rib cage in the front abdomen and attach inside to the inner bones at the spine. (Correct me if I am wrong and elaborate on this any people who know musculature and bone. This is a discussion thread please contribute.)

The idea is to get balance in the core muscles that hold the core spine bones into place, if there imbalances this will become evident result of back pain due to muscular imbalances.

Also consider this point in the upper center part of your spin represent the point where your shoulder and arm muscles connect to your torso.

This is the core where your upper body and torso connect together...

I am not sure how much people should exercise their core but it is a place to start and explore.

As for me I would be in much worse pain perhaps dead if I did not keep my core in balance.


I might also add, this is why I think I became a singer/vocalist.

Because I had an imbalance in my core. Thus in order to compensate my body forced me to develop gross vocal neurons. Vocalization was a logical way of expressing my inner core imbalance.

What is vocalization but breath and flying...
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I am going to update what has been going on in my life lately.

I have since gotten over a really bad life threatening illness with a dead tooth. I think I have gone on at length in this blog and others so I will not address that now.

One result is I can think more clearly since my tooth has been fixed.

I am ordained Christian clergy so I have an incredibly great understand of the new and old testaments of the Bible. I have become an agnostic mainly because of the war mongering that has been associated for centuries with Abrahamic religions.

Among other reasons the Bible and the Qu'ran are full of scientific lies and immoral laws. (like polygamy, the stoning of gays and adulterers and many more reprehensible "laws")

One of the main rubs with the starvation diet is ethyl alcohol.

It is very detrimental to one's health to starve themselves on a hangover.

So I have sought solutions to alcoholism and obesity.

Alcohol depletes the body of VERY vital nutrients.

Religion can in many cases be a deterrent to drinking alcohol because some religions forbid it. But it is the baggage that comes along with these religions that makes them untenable.

Mohammed and King David were polygamists and war mongers and Jesus drank alcohol so I turned my focus to Buddha.

Buddha forbids alcohol, espoused non violence and also shunned the harems of his father's religion, but also explains why.

It is explained as the "middle path".

The starvation diet is all about balance.

Buddha explains his "middle path" with the allegory of a string on a musical instrument. If you tighten it too tight it will break if you do not tighten it enough it will not make a pleasant sound.

Stings will break sometime even correctly tuned. It is part of life but, it is likely that stings will make good music if tuned correctly.

So what is the middle path? I can't really say for every person it is unique.

But some things can be surmised.

The middle path through life: One path is past lives, one path is this life, and another path is future life.

Christianity and Islam are obsessed with future life such that this life is despised along with this world.

This is a great sin...

The middle path is THIS life and to focus on any other path is travesty and disillusion.

Alcohol and tobacco (marijuana to some extent) are the wrong path because they subtract from the quality of this life. Buddhism forbids this path.

Properly prescribed medications and some supplements add to this life and the denial of these life saving medications (Scientology, faith healing...) is also a wrong path.

When we get to diet there is also a middle path.

Fasting is a middle path if done correctly.

Fasting for a month is probably not good for health but it can have some debatable benefits.

Buddhism encourages fasting but it also encourages the "middle path".

What is the middle path with fasting? Buddha took many wrong paths on his road to discovery.

Well, three small nutritious meals a day is probably the middle path.

Eating "seconds" (filling your plate two and three times) is forbidden.

(when dieting) One must walk away from a meal still hungry. THAT is the middle path.

One must resist snacks and eating late at night after three meals have been consumed during the day. This is fasting (starvation) and this is the middle path.

Getting too much consumed by any religion (even Buddhism) is not the middle path.

Look for the simplicity in Buddhism. Don't allow it to waste your life on vain pursuits. Leave a legacy of love behind.

Since Buddhism has no God to worship one might consider Buddhists as atheists but I still like to consider myself as an agnostic.

Agnosticism and uncertain are the middle path, too much study and memorization of holy texts is vanity. The pursuit of wisdom and knowledge should be prefaced by a pure and unassuming heart.

Religion is the wrong path, science and reason are the middle path.

Find a balance between athleticism and education and do not let one usurp the other.

Focus on the light of this life and not the dark imaginations of most spirituality.

Successfully living healthy requires the right frame of mind. Fine tune your life to harmonize with the world around you.

Much love, RexRed

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Dr. Perricone's No. 3 Superfood: Barley

Dr. Perricone's No. 5 Superfood: Buckwheat
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Ohh! its very nice to hear it. I never tried this diet. If it really works, I will definitely try Starvation Diet once.
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I have modified my starvation diet.

Here is how.

I have moved the starvation part of the diet from mornings to while I sleep at night.

So I get up in the morning and fry a piece of ham (or some other meat i.e. one slice of bacon etc) one egg (poached is good too) and one slice of "untoasted" bread and my decaf. It is your diet, maybe a tiny piece of fruit is good too in the AM.

For lunch I have whatever but I make sure I get up from the meal still hungry.

For dinner I do the same but also get up from the dinner hungry. NO snacks, alcohol, sugar (except in tiny bits less than a teaspoon) or smoking.

I drink only ice water or decaf perked coffee (not instant).

I have been only doing one or two cups of decaf coffee a week because it makes me bite my nails, decaf herb teas are also fine.

As the evening rolls in I get the dreaded stomach pangs. (no pangs no weight loss)

I resist the pangs for the evening and then go to bed.

The moment I wake up I realize I am seriously thinner. So far this has been working for me.

On a side note NEVER use underarm deodorant or antiperspirant. Except only on very rare occasions.

Your underarms are a barometer of your overall health.

If you have terrible odor there, something is wrong in your diet or health.

You need to be able to tell if the odor is worsening or getting lesser.

My theory is this is how your body expels metals and other terrible toxins.

So wash your underarms at least three times in the shower or bath with (non deodorant) soap and never use anything that would plug or block this vent of toxins. (unless absolutely necessary on rare occasions)

If your body is producing an odor then wash your arm pits throughout the day with soap and water in a rest room and keep changing your diet with fresh vegetables and mix meats into you diet sparingly.

By covering up the odor you are not allowing toxins to escape your body, this is very bad.

Eventually when your health, weight etc become in balance your armpits will not produce odor all day but they will sweat on hot days. So what, as long as they do not smell.

Wash your armpits as many times as necessary till there is no odor at all detected.

I told you this diet would save you money.

An 18 pack of eggs lasts almost all month, a couple loaves of bread and some type of meat. and your breakfasts for the month are covered.

Fasting while sleeping takes the sheer horror out of the starvation diet. Smile

If you fall off the diet and pig out for an entire day, no worry, just get back into the routine the next day.
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I have lost 20lbs on my new diet.

I have found that starving at night (mostly evening and while sleeping) I can keep this diet up much longer and without as much stress.

It is better to awaken my digestive system roughly at the time I wake up. I have a very tiny breakfast, lunch and dinner and if I really want to pour the pressure on I will skip dinner.

I have no trouble sleeping through hunger pangs. By the time I fall into bed at night I am quite hungry, but not so hungry that I lose interest in the diet because I am sleeping through the worst of it... No pangs, no weight loss.

The old starvation diet was fasting all morning and most of the afternoon and this became very stressful and seemed impossible to maintain for a long period of time. I have literally turned the diet on its head. So far I also have not hit a plateau. But I have not reached the levels i did before on the old starvation diet (fasting in the day).

I also think that the weight will not return so quickly because I am giving my body breakfast and not totally putting my body into survival mode.

So if you are trying this new approach to this diet let me know how it is working out for you.

If you are unaware of the "new" starvation diet I have come up with, read my last few posts in this thread.

Good luck plump peeps! Smile
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I would like to remind people that at least one day a week to go off this diet and eat WELL... Give the body a break from starving and you will not gain it all back in one day... I get leg cramps and that is usually my body's way of telling me I am overdoing it. Don't wait till that happens, take a break from this diet at least one day a week, eat and maybe have a nice tall glass of juice and three really good meals.
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You are when you eat: Limiting flies to specific eating hours protects their hearts against aging, study finds
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Reply Thu 18 Jun, 2015 05:19 pm
Blue Zones: What the Longest-Lived People Eat (Hint: It’s Not Steak Dinners)
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Reply Tue 28 Jul, 2015 10:01 am
If obese people worried less about what is in their food and concentrated energy on lowering how much food they consumed in a day they would be much healthier.
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Reply Thu 30 Jul, 2015 08:24 pm
Here’s what you need to know about that Coca-Cola infographic

Don't read the tiny info graphic text they repeat the text also down below.

I drink about two sodas a year
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Reply Sun 17 Jan, 2016 06:33 pm
to starve this error
after this diet
you again start to eat
even more than before
and the weight will quickly return
and even more
Reply Sat 23 Jan, 2016 07:27 am
Who said this diet ever ends? Smile
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Reply Sat 5 Nov, 2016 09:10 am
Check for what is called an "internal allergy".
That means you are allergic to yourself.

Most likely bad teeth.
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Reply Sat 4 Mar, 2017 04:29 pm
I think I feel better when I eat eggs in my diet. Egg salad, eggs on toast...
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I am coming to this diet page to add, The Starvation Diet (intermittent fasting) only works for a while and then your body begins to fight it.

Fight it in a big way.

If I do not eat breakfast and instead I starve myself all day I get severe night cramps in my legs.

I have found that small meals are the best way to go.

I know a lot of people recommended that and I dismissed that approach but I am back to say I think small meals work better for losing weight.

Yes i can be wrong too.

I cut my portions in half, my breakfast will be something like a couple of sausage links, one egg and a single piece of toast.

Then if I wan't to skip lunch it is okay.

For dinner whatever I put on my plate I remove half of it.

In other words just because I put something on my plate does not mean I should eat it all.

Removing half of it before I sit down to eat is better than thinking I will stop eating halfway through it.

At restaurants I can ask for a doggie bag before I start eating.

So this new diet I am calling the, "cut your meals in half diet".

Don't ever skip breakfast, just make sure your breakfast is really small. Snacks are okay but cut them in half too.

The idea is to shrink your stomach so eating a lot of food makes you very uncomfortable.

Eventually your stomach will shrink down to the size it should actually be.

Exercise and eat good food.

No more big meals... Cut your meals in half and stick to a regiment.

The starvation diet will work for a while but eventually your body will become hyper sensitive to being starved and it will fight back in a big way.

Feeding yourself small meals also insures your body does not go into "survival mode" and start burning calories slower...
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