Reply Tue 19 Feb, 2013 03:50 pm
Why You Should Avoid Low-Fat Cheese and Milk
Reply Tue 19 Feb, 2013 04:31 pm
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Reply Fri 10 May, 2013 01:01 pm
I am back on the starvation diet... been on it for two weeks, lost 7 lbs so far. Gotta buy some pants now that stay up... Smile
Reply Sat 11 May, 2013 12:26 am
Well I've done the starve diet 3 times and it worked great, I felt more alive and healthier then before
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Reply Mon 13 May, 2013 05:32 am
Really for a good and healthy life, weight of a person must be under control, over weight always bring many diseases and many problems, and most of the time to get rid of you may need to go for gastric sleeve surgery.
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Reply Thu 16 May, 2013 09:09 pm
My Pop used to say - 'I ain't ever seen a fat anorexic' - which was quite rude but rest his soul.
I guess that's what this guy is saying?
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Reply Mon 17 Jun, 2013 01:48 pm
People wouldn't really know if this is any good until they've tried it.. I've been going on a similar diet as this one for a while now.. On and off... Mostly off Very Happy
It has always worked for me.. I came up with it after trying so many other things... My brother is currently on a diet.. He eats small portions every few hours.. I've tried that and it does not work for me!
Because I already eat really small portions.. Three times a day.. and feel full.. But my problem is that I don't really exercise.. Just cause I really don't want to... I guess that's kind of lazy but anyway...
Whenever I am on this diet (I wouldn't really call this a diet.. I only think of it as getting hungry.. Staying there for a while.. Then eating anything I want in small portions) I feel really great after the first or second day... Fat around my hips just goes away.. and my body feels better..
I lose weight very quickly when I'm on this diet.. But I cannot stay on it for too long.. After a few days I just kind of forget the fact that I'm supposed to be on a diet.. I sincerely congratulate you on holding on to this and losing so much weight..
And I think even though I do not stick to this diet for very long.. It did help.. As I lose weight and gain it back.. But that is better than gaining without losing any weight.. Which I know would have happened if I wasn't on this diet..
I am currently on this.. And I hope I would stay on it longer this time.. I'm gonna keep staring at pictures of models to encourage myself Very Happy
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Reply Wed 19 Jun, 2013 08:37 am
Glad to have the information, I am elated to know that.
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Reply Wed 19 Jun, 2013 08:58 am

I'm on the fasting diet too (we don't call it a starvation diet! Here it's known as the 5:2 Diet) and it's working fine.
I've lost 23lbs since April.

I'd recommend it to anyone.
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Reply Wed 26 Jun, 2013 12:19 am
Two meals a day may be better for weight loss than 'grazing'
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Reply Sat 6 Jul, 2013 05:44 am
Why Sea Salt is Good for You (And Table Salt is Not)
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Reply Sun 7 Jul, 2013 04:11 pm
before i read this diet on internet i drank dunkin donuts coffee all day evry day as my food...i was 300lbs i lost over 100 lbs in less than 6 works i tried evry diet there was fat all my life...depressed n wanting to kill i search for mirrors evrywhere i dumbasses it works!!!
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Reply Mon 22 Jul, 2013 08:57 pm
I would take this article with a grain of salt. Remember, neither am I a doctor nor am I a nutritionist.
My question is:
What is a worse strain on the heart, being obese or skipping breakfast?
A friend of mine is skipping all food all month for Ramadan yet he seems fit as a fiddle...

Skipping breakfast and heart disease: Not so simple

Comment: This article and study funded by breakfast shakes and protein bars manufactures... (just kidding)

Reply Mon 22 Jul, 2013 11:45 pm
In reply to my last post. I wonder how bears cope with the debilitating heart disease after a whole winter of, err, "skipping breakfast"....

And yes I have recently lost another 20 lbs on my starvation diet.

A few notes.

When I started this diet and wrote about it here I had a severe illness.

In reading some of the earlier posts I posted a blip about how some animals fast when they are ill.

Well I was very ill. I had a dead tooth that was pouring toxins into my blood stream. So in fasting it was a way of boosting my immune-system not weakening it.

But no amount of fasting will really fix the toxins of a dead tooth. Especially mine. It turns out I was born with incredible long tooth roots. Much longer than average. Most of my childhood I was in terrible pain with my adult teeth growing in. Each tooth got not only an abscess but also I got earaches.

My mother was such a comfort to me during these times I cannot express my gratitude. I remember just praying to have a single day without some sort of pain.

Well back to my tooth. So the dentist drained out these terrible toxins and literally saved my life. I think I had only a few months to a year left to live at that point.

I have very slowly gained back my health. So I was on this diet through this period.

It is like when you catch a cold and don't eat and feel better for not doing so but as a result lose a few lbs too.

Why have I been on and off this diet? I am a human being too and I fall prey to my own food weaknesses and bodily needs.

I have also had problems with alcohol. Of which since my tooth has been fixed I have actually been more inclined to deal with that problem. But while the toxins were flowing through me I used alcohol sometime to medicate the pain. When I did use alcohol my diet would go all to heck.

So in other words, if you are using alcohol "do not" even attempt this starvation diet.

This diet's main rules are.

No caffeine (other than decaf)
No sugar (candy, soda or sugar in coffee)
An occasional sweet and sour main meal is okay
Cigarette smoking is also prohibited

The main beverage is ice water and occasionally milk though milk is not required on this diet at all. Dairy is perfectly fine if you incorporate it into your meals. Milk is fine too but only with your meals but not required at all.

I talked about getting dry mouth from my multi-vitamins. Sorry folks I am not god and neither were the 10 doctors (not exaggerating) I went to who did not pinpoint the problem as being the dead tooth. So the dry mouth was most certainly that and not my multivitamin nor was it the taking of fish oil.

It was not until I saw a dentist that they made me aware of extremely grave problem with my tooth.

In fact I told all of my doctors about my tooth and they just said absolutely nothing... I had to search out a dentist all on my own without even a single recommendation from my doctors to do so.

It was actually a fluke. I got tired of looking at the dead tooth and decided to see a dentist for mostly cosmetic reasons.

So I took out a dental plan and had to wait almost a year before I could make use of it.

Once I got to the dentist the endontist was extremely surprised at the severity of the tooth. He drilled into the tooth and (sorry this is gross) but this black ooze came out of my tooth. Supernatural hehe...

He has done many of these and I don't think he had seen anything like this (because of my huge roots).

There was a pocket of infection that was above the tooth and in my head!

These toxins were (because the tooth goes into bone) circulating bacteria into my bloodstream but also into my bones. I am just your average Rasputin. It takes a lot to kill me. hehe

The reason why I go into this about the tooth is because it does shed light on how this diet works.

The liver and kidneys not only filter blood but also set the bodies metabolism.

Because of this tooth my liver especially was working at full capacity and still not able to completely filter my blood. Thus, every day I would have the extra amount of toxins to simply have to live with.

I used medications to help cope. For a while I took hydrocodone and also used alcohol to medicate.

The problem was that I had quite bad back pain. This is something I was born with.

I would use either the alcohol or hydros but not together. I could not understand why I would drink alcohol to medicate my pain (because I am a purist I really hated taking the very low doses of hydrocodone) and after drinking a good amount, while on it, my pain would get exponentially worse. ?

I wondered why...

Alcohols is supposed to be a pain reliever.

There was also the vitamin D deficiency problem. My vitamin D level was at 20% and for a person my age it was supposed to be at 65% or higher.

One of my doctors told me why. She said the alcohol was "eating up the vitamin D in my body."

That seemed kinda ridiculous but she was 100% right. She did not know about the tooth though.

So the bacteria was eating up not only the vitamin D but other vital minerals and nutrients. So when I would drink alcohol it would only compound the problem further. And the hydrocodone was only taxing my liver further till its presence outweighed any real benefits. Though I never abused the drug the acetaminophen accumulated in my body also till that in itself was a toxin.

My doctor without even finding out what was really wrong with me said, you can't be on this drug forever, so he took me off cold turkey after four years of being prescribed it in very low doses.

As I said I did not abuse the drug so I had one night of discomfort and after that I actually felt better being off the hydrocodone.

That is because it was giving my liver a rest. The tooth was still poisoning me and I was still using alcohol to medicate which was even worse. I still didn't know the tooth was the root cause.

The alcohol screwed with my diet and was eating up the vital nutrients needed to maintain basic health.

Well it was my dentist that actually saved my life.

I feel like a new man now. It has taken months for my tooth to clear up and the toxins to slowly leave my blood stream.

I have been able to lower my vitamin D doses and now I can take a multivitamin daily without the, err, dry mouth.

I don't take them daily but maybe every other day, mainly because I forget.

My back pain is much less but still there, nothing that an Ibuprofen cannot mask.

I no longer have the need to medicate with alcohol so I am free to try and actually maintain this diet.

Through this all, I have lost dear friends and lovers because of my behavior, terrible grumpiness and occasional over medication with alcohol.

I think I am on my feet now. I can think clear and the ringing in my ears has lowered some. My skin is less rashy from the bacteria and I have learned to take the blame for some of my short tempered fits.

I know why I was that way but do not excuse myself. I have vowed to never lose another lover or friend due to over medication and my fits of anger and pain.

My point in all of this is that one must look at the total picture of your body before you start a diet like this. Yes this diet works and does wonderful things to the body. The problem lies when you try this diet and try to do it with other medications like drinking coffee, sugar or alcohol or drugs (including nicotine) .

They DO eat up the vitamins in your body, sometimes as quick as overnight and ever quicker. For instance, one cigarette depletes the body of vitamin c.

So cigarettes can cause this diet to do irreparable harm too. I guess that is why hibernating bears don't smoke them... Smile

So you must be free of these substance before you try this diet. Yes you will still lose weight but you will also run the risk of organ and/or muscular damage.

My bodies warnings came in the form of heightened back pain and terrible muscle cramps. If you do take these substances on this diet your body will warn you by attacking your weakest organ. For each person this can be different. Mine was my back for some it is their eyesight and even the heart.

When I am not filled with deadly bacteria, drinking caffeine, nicotine and/or alcohol or medications then this diet actually works. That is because what you intake for food i.e. minerals, nutrients and such are there for this diet to use and not be "eaten up" by other things leaving nothing left for the body to sustain itself on.
Reply Tue 23 Jul, 2013 12:46 am
On proof read the correction x2 is, body's not bodies. hehe Smile
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Reply Sat 10 Aug, 2013 01:11 pm
Today I am gonna address the opposite side of the spectrum of this diet.

Fat people get a bad rap.. When people see them often they are greeted with disgust and comments like, "Why don't you go on a diet?".

As very well they should go on a diet.

Well being too thin is just as unattractive (at least to many people).

Comments like, "You look like you have aids or, Are you a drug user?"...

Lately someone (a male friend of mine) voiced to me a personal concern that no matter what they did they could not gain weight....

I am going to address how to gain weight. No it is not by drinking protein shakes. Protein shakes only make fat people fatter.

My friend told me that someone told them to eat ice cream. They also said they were drinking fruit smoothies.

I told them advice that I am sure most people will outright disagree. I said, "Go eat at McDonalds". Smile

It was just an off the cuff reply. I often associate my own weight gain to fast food binges.

Well again to lose weight there is pain involved.. A lot of pain every day for months.

The stomach growls and groans begging you to slip back into your overeating pattern.

Well likewise there is pain in gaining weight.

Sometimes even the smell of food a can turn an underweight person's stomach. Well welcome to the club. Overweight people are not spared any pain either.

Learn to embrace your pain. If you are really serious about gaining weight you need to.

I was only half serious about the McDonalds comment.

I thought about this for a day or two and then realized what needed to happen.

In losing weight one needs to shrink their stomach, well, the exact opposite needs to happen to gain weight. One needs to stretch their stomach.

That means overeating till you feel full and eating some more till it hurts.

No pain no gain. Liquid will not achieve this. Ice cream and smoothies are not good for this, besides ice cream has virtually no nutrition whatsoever and it puts on a very unattractive kind so fat. Like plastic fat.

A better kind of fat is from meats, vegetables, fruit, grains and nuts etc... Not necessarily in that order.

The idea is to over eat till you feel REALLY stuffed. What does this achieve?

Well your stomach will complain that you are hungry again sooner and allow you to put in that amount of food without the prior pain. So repeat the process and over stuff yourself again, and again and again.

Remember no pain, no gain... As the opposite for starvation, no pain, no loss..

Again liquid diets will not allow the stomach to expand. Chew fast also, don't be talking and socializing while trying to gain weight. Swallow food half chewed (don't choke please). Especially pasta.. You don't really need to chew pasta that much.

I mean eat REALLY fast so your body does not have time to tell you that you are full .

For our starvation dieters, the opposite applies, socialize while you eat, chew your food a lot and waste as much time during meals as possible so your body can tell you it is full before you are actually done eating.

Also I would like to amend my starvation diet a bit. Once you are used to starving yourself and no longer are tempted to really binge constantly. A tiny meal in the morning is fine. a tiny meal like one egg a tiny piece of ham (or the meat of your own choice) on an English muffin.

ONE egg, ONE very small sandwich...

Then don't have lunch. If you have a big huge meal for dinner you will still lose weight that day... Don't overeat once your stomach says full, STOP and put the remainder of food away!

Eat expensive and hearty foods because you are saving money anyway.

What I am saying is once you arrive at a good weight the way to maintain this diet is still to starve but not all day... You can starve between breakfast and dinner just as easily and give your body a break. This break will help to maintain this diet and also help to not slip back into your old eating habits.

If you do go back to three meals a day they better all three be tiny meals or you will gain it back.

That is why switching the long starving period to the middle of the day rather than the morning is a signal that you are at your correct weight but not that you are going back to your old pattern.

Even at your correct weight, starving may still be necessary to maintain.

I hope this advice is helpful, let me know if your find any results.

I am still on this starvation diet and have lost 5 more lbs. I was incorrect about losing 20 lbs in my last post. I have just actually hit the 20 lbs mark. my stomach is not noticeable anymore but I still have ten lbs to go, at least. Smile

If you notice yourself clearing your throat a lot on this starvation diet, lower your calcium intake... That is all for now, good luck dieters and over eaters...

Again I am not a doctor, so these diet tips are a do at your own risk thing, thanks.

And no, don't go eat at McDonalds... Though, it is easy to have your food served fast and eat it fast and maybe the restaurant smells will activate your appetite. Either way, OVEREAT! Like on the starvation diet it is best that starvers take the time to cook your own food so you burn calories cooking, doing your dishes and walking to the market. For someone underweight I think fast food is okay... It certainly won't kill you right off. Smile No worse than not eating and wasting away.
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Reply Sun 11 Aug, 2013 02:02 am
I agree with this graphic.

People often say, "When I get out of work today I will be happy". They get out of work and go out to their car and notice they have a flat tire... So they say, "When I get this tire fixed, get home and can relax I will be happy".

They get home and are called by a friend having a panic attack...

I think we need to tell ourselves to be happy in spite of where we may be transitioning to.

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Reply Wed 2 Oct, 2013 01:21 pm
3 years later but still wanna say this.
I love your blog! I read it all the time because it makes 160% sense!
The title is correct because, initially, you ARE starving but later its like whatevs.
Don't let these guys get to you, honestly, people will find one way or another to keep food close by, forgetting that our bodies only react the way they do now, go into 'starvation mode' (I think this is bullshit btw) because we've trained it to accept large amounts of food throughout the day. Our bodies WILL adapt, its what they do. They can only hold on to body fat for so long, i mean, come on. The reason people get fat is because the body gets so much it doesnt even know what to do with it so it's like 'welp, guess im gon' store this right here for later' and THIS is later. THIS is when you're supposed to lose that crap your body has been storing. It doesn't need it and it is more than happy to get rid of it. Your blog makes absolute perfect sense. F**k the haters. They just can't handle it.
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Reply Mon 14 Oct, 2013 03:57 pm
There are ways to do the Starvation Diet. My friend, a male, lost 30 lbs. in 6 weeks, but he eats 500 calories only 2 days a week. The other days he eats like he normally does. Well, that is what he says, but I did notice he stopped having dessert so I am sure that factors in.
Also, a woman may not lose as much as a man, but we will see. I am going to try it.
KEY: You have to be honest about calories so look them up. My husband swears and entire avocado is about 100 calories. Our friend told him he was way off!
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Reply Sat 19 Apr, 2014 05:50 pm
I have something new to introduce to the starvation diet here.

It is exercise...

I have not really recommended a start-up exercise daily routine for people who do not really exercise at all but you do diet well.

I am not a doctor or physical therapist so this is only my personal opinion on the best way to start out fresh with an "exercise".

First you need something.

An exercise ball.

This is the best position "I recommend" to start to work yourself to.

If you can get into this position on an exercise ball you can start to work your core.

I will explain what is the core in my next post.
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