Was the use of the atomic bomb on Japan in WW2 a crime agaist humanity?

Reply Thu 20 Oct, 2011 09:55 pm
JLNobody wrote:
It has always amazed me how so many people consider vengeance
a pleasure and vindictiveness a virtue.
Well, if your good friend needs u to avenge him and u refuse, then u r not much of a friend.
I saw Mr. T on a Barbara Walters interview; inter alia, he said that a mugger in his old naborhood mugged Mr. T's mother,
who identified him. He said that he and his brothers sought him out and "u won 't see him no more" because he put his hands
on his mother. I RESPECTED HIM for that,
but I 'll take your word in regard to your amazement.

JLNobody wrote:
Would Jesus agree?
He supported self defense, but not revenge.

JLNobody wrote:
Am I wrong to assume you wear a crucifix?
Yes. I have never worn one. I know of no reason to do so.

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