Unspeakable filth on the internet

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@Alan McDougall,
I gave you a warning, William. Post reported
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Reply Fri 14 Aug, 2009 10:09 pm
@Alan McDougall,
Alan McDougall wrote:
He was in shock and trembling and almost fainted. He is a normal teenager and like most teenagers he is aware of the dangers of polluting his mind

Alan, this isn't the sign of a normal teenager, I'm sorry (well, at least not any teenager I'm aware of). If your son was literally trembling and almost fainted from a few pictures of pornography and decaying corpses, there's a problem. I don't know your child, but it seems as though he is a bit sheltered. Personally, I'm glad the decaying corpses are on the internet, along with everything else. I'm happy with the internet being a source for everything, whether that thing be considered "filthy" or not. This level of free thought sharing is incredible. Just an opinion.

That said, I can see where you're coming from as a parent. There's nothing you can really do, though. If he wants to see the mutilated corpse, he's going to see the mutilated corpse. His mind won't become "corrupted" just from seeing obscene images. He can still have 'good' morals and be aware of all those things you regard as "filth" in the world, can't he?
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@Alan McDougall,
I caught a glimpse of a rotting raccoon carcass once

That's when I started luring young gay Cambodian men to my apartment, severing their heads, and painting them like Easter eggs
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Reply Sat 15 Aug, 2009 01:41 am
@Alan McDougall,
Hey don't forget to post the pics.

Well, the question in all of this is, what exactly is normal, anyway? I mean, while we weren't paying much attention, the boundaries of normal got considerably changed, didn't they? Isn't that the point? Cybersex has 'normalised' a whole lot of behaviour that only a generation ago was definitely understood to be 'aberrant'. I note, with interest, that the only way we are allowed to criticize any of this now is if it either involves something so utterly disgusting and gross that even your hardened addict will find it revolting, or underage subjects. Otherwise anything, absolutely anything, is now normal. It's somebody's 'civil rights' and 'free expression'. I wonder if this is what Mill and Locke had in mind when they created liberalism.

We have had a recent very well argued posting on the forum that 'morality is objective'. And you would think that if this applied to anything, it would apply to sexual morality. And yet, the U.S. Supreme Court can't even agree on what constitutes obscenity. Meanwhile, a PBS documentary on the US porn industry made about 5 years ago reckons it is a bigger money spinner than the sports and movie industry combined. That, in anyone's language, is a lot of action.

But I guess that it's normal. 'Everything OK here folks, move right along'. So, from the viewpoint of my particular philosophy, I truly believe that what a lot of people believe constitutes 'normality' nowadays is simply a gross delusion, to put it mildly. And nobody will stand up to it.
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jeeprs;83396 wrote:
I wonder if this is what Mill and Locke had in mind when they created liberalism.

Who cares what they had in mind? Freedom is freedom.

And you would think that if this applied to anything, it would apply to sexual morality.

No I wouldn't. Case closed.
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@Alan McDougall,
I would just like to add that not many people actually survive the porn industry. I watched a documentary once which included a list of people who'd died which there were many and included suicide, drugs and alcohol overdose and alot die/died from AIDS. I don't care how you look at it, it is a depraved area. Thank you.
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@Alan McDougall,
In the space of a few hours, two posts in this thread were reported by different Members but for the same reason: discourteous and peevish remarks directed at another Member.

A vast majority of this community are tired of reading petulant and childish remarks that have no place in a philosophical discussion, the Moderators are tired of spending their time discussing these reported posts and then dealing with them, and I am tired of reminding Members about how they should behave toward one another.

This thread is closed.
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