Alien life? -- your take on the subject

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Reply Thu 26 Aug, 2004 12:53 pm
If there is an after life do we then become alien? I'd think so. There prolly are aliens somewhere out there.
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Gold Barz
Reply Fri 3 Sep, 2004 01:00 am
^^ i believe in universal reincarnation which means reincarnation to and from other planets and other quasi-verses, if reincarnation is true (im confident it is) then i dont see a reason why a soul would be bounded on one planet or one quasi-verse
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Reply Fri 3 Sep, 2004 01:07 pm
So apparently two labs in europse found earth-like planets outside of our solar system. the closetest one is 40 lightyears away. SO.. if anyone is expecting to see life (like ourselves) from another planet... i wouldn't get your hopes up. even if we could travel at light-speed some day (not), we'd spend the better part of our lives trying to get somewhere. :-)
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Reply Tue 21 Sep, 2004 02:43 am
agrote wrote:
If the universe is infinite, and if only a finite number of worlds are inhabited, then the population of the universe = a finite number divided by infinity, which is a very small number. So maybe before we start thinking about aliens we should question whether the Earth is actually inhabited at all.
(Douglas Adams)
Titter titter.

If the universe is infinite then it more likely follows that there are an infinite number of habitable planets. Where there exists the likelihood of an infinite number of habitable planets there exists the certainty of an infinite number of habitable planets with sentient life forms. We may very well never know what exists outside the expanding bubble created from the cosmic event we label our big bang. I for one will stick to logic and observation and assume that the X,Y,Z coordinates of our Cartesian mapping system extend in an infinite direction in all directions. That leads me to believe that our pocket of space time as created from our big band must exist inside a much large pocket of space time and exist alongside an infinite number of other pockets of space time like it. I lean towards there not only being alien forms of life but an infinite number of alien beings. I don't know yet if that also means there must be an infinite number of different alien species of if the number of alien species with unique dna could be finite. I lean towards finite as there must be a finite number no matter how large of all variations of dna so we have an infinite universe with an infinite number of habitable planets populated by a finite number of different species.

just my 2 cents.
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Reply Tue 13 Jul, 2010 02:49 pm
Of course alien life exists. Not only does it exist in our universe but it's ingrained in our culture, in small and or very large ways. Technological developments. For example, the building of the pyramids, such a sharp increase in ability without the necessary steps to lead to it (in our archeological record).

humans brains can be though of as a radio.
certain frequencies we can pick up.
others we cannot.
surely nobody can argue with this analogy?

in this case, it's possible, and depending on your life experience probable or improbable, but always possible, that we aren't the top of the universal heap!

tune your brain radio different, you may be able to percieve some new interesting things.

i mean, we have created a world littered with filth, disease, violence. the crummiest and shittiest people make all of the rules, and everyone who does the work is given a **** sandwich.

is that really how you'd expect the most superior life-form in the universe to be?

i sure hope not.
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Reply Tue 13 Jul, 2010 02:56 pm
Setanta wrote:

Actually, one of the most hilarious things about alien contact stories, two things, in fact, are that the aliens contacted are anthropomorphic, and that the "true believers" point to the similarity of descriptions of aliens as evidence of their visits. To me, it is simply evidence of a lack of imagination on the part of those concocting the visitation stories.

I guess, although from your perspective it's hard to believe anything. You can call it what you want, but it seems to be the spirit of a debunker in you.

I think if you were abducted, fed some alien pizza and beer and dropped back off after touring venus from a ship, you'd come back and a. not tell a soul or b. claim a neurological malfunction.

of course, this is an impossible scenario isn't it?

answer: yes! aliens are vegans/don't eat food!
they still drink beer
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Reply Tue 13 Jul, 2010 02:58 pm
@cicerone imposter,
cicerone imposter wrote:

It's almost similar to trying to paint Jesus before anybody has actually seen the live one. Anybody try to paint god yet? he he he...

it seems most likely something like god or alien is operating beyond our senses. the most we can muster is a lucky chance encounter, or various phenomenon.
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