17 States considering Arizona style law

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plainoldme wrote:
I can't say that I have. Many years ago, on this forum and on abuzz, I wrote about the mating habits of conservative men and took a great deal of heat over it . . . all from conservative men who were angry.

Back in the abuzz days, I tallied insults from the left and from the right. For every single left insult, there were 8 that came from the right.

Finally, I lived in one suburban Boston town for 23 years. I was a stay at home mother for most of that time, more involved with washing diapers and working at the co-op nursery school than with politics. When the right began acting up and it became necessary to step up to defend and protect this country from the enemy within (conservatives), I joined some centrist to liberal groups. I learned that everyone who was nice, who was friendly, with whom one could have an intelligent conversation was to the left of center.
I 'm sure that u 'd have had a JOLLY old time,
with Joseph Stalin, Mao tse tung, Pol Pot with his cute skull pyramids,
and Kim Jung il, if only u coud all speak leftist together, Plain.
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When and if you get out of the cesspool you will find the number of nice, friendly,
intelligent, and happy conservatives outnumber the sum total number of liberals
in this country. Break the bubble you live in and maybe you can say 'free at last'.
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