Grave of headless Vikings discovered in England

Reply Thu 31 May, 2018 05:00 pm
He's the ultimate imperialist patronising, smug and self important. He's very good at telling people what to do and gets very upset when they won't touch the forelock in gratitude.

The devil a puritan that he is, or any thing
constantly, but a time-pleaser; an affectioned ass,
that cons state without book and utters it by great
swarths: the best persuaded of himself, so
crammed, as he thinks, with excellencies, that it is
his grounds of faith that all that look on him love
Reply Thu 31 May, 2018 06:40 pm
On the topic of olden days stuff, l would have loved to tar and feather the geezer but he's done a good job of it on himself already.
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Reply Thu 31 May, 2018 07:31 pm
It's a sorry and common on-line tactic to demonize someone by saying they are angry, to suggest that they are caught up in emotion, while one is, oneself, the voice of sweet reason. You jokers are hilarious. I am not surprised that the newbie is still here after having said she was done.
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Reply Thu 31 May, 2018 07:33 pm
Straw man alert--at no time did I say that the West Saxons were not present in Dorset. Anyone who would need to drive for four hours to get from Wales to Dorset in a truck might just as well get out and walk.
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Reply Fri 1 Jun, 2018 11:12 pm
I have neither agreed with you nor agreed with POM. I have simply castigated you for your snotty tone, and the idiocy of addressing remarks made eight years ago.

If there is a troll here, it's you. You've said goodbye before, and come back with more idiocy. I await your next installment. What an odious wretch it is who attempts to make personal remarks about the private relationships of others.
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