How can my dog go this long without peeing?

Reply Tue 10 Dec, 2013 03:25 am
@donegal ,
Erm......First of all, welcome, donegal.

Secondly, the post you refer to is nearly 4 years old.

Thirdly, I can't really see what was wrong with that post. The poster (Greenwitch) stated that they had checked it out with a vet regarding their dog's problem, and it turned out that it was simply a case of the dog being able to hold it in for ages, as quite a few (young usually) dogs can do.

I have a 4 year old male greyhound, who absolutely refuses to go out even in the gentlest of drizzle. In the end, I have to trick him that a squirrel may be up the garden and, once he has stepped out, I shut the glass door and pretend I'm not taking any notice of him.
He tries to come back in for a few seconds, before realising that he is getting damp anyway, so he might as well do his thing.
He then gets rid of about a gallon, and trots back in happy as Larry.

Some young dogs have an amazing capacity. However, if anyone is concerned about their dog then they should go and get it checked out.....like Greenwitch did.
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Reply Sat 23 Aug, 2014 01:19 am
I am reading this thread because I am trying to figure out why my girl is not wanting to go out and pee either. I have never refuse to take my dogs out I have always gotten up to take them out and I take them out right before bed as well. My girl has become chronic in this area as she will go as long as 24 hoyrs or more. I have had her to the vet and checked for UTI's Have had blood tested. ALL NORMAL and as vet has said is text book perfect blood work up. Neg to all UTI as urine was cultured and the urine concentration was perfect. SO WHY is she not wanting to pee. And Joe, this is Clearly not a result of neglect or abuse or meanness or lack of accepting responsibility, She just does not want to pee. I cant not even command her to pee or for that matter poo as she does the same in that dept too. Both have been taught the command to pee and poo by the way
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Reply Sun 14 Sep, 2014 01:56 pm
Our 2 Jack Russell's stay in bed as long as we do. Once they had been house trained they moved in with us at night. They go easy 12 hours without a problem and lots longer at weekends.
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Reply Mon 5 Jan, 2015 06:46 pm
she is probably depressed being locked inside for so long with a sleeping person and no activity! Poor Girl
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