I found a home for the Jews! South Georgia,

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Hi Contrex,
Yes you are right Mayall Rd. Whats left of it, last time I was there I think 2000. The part that joined Atlantic Rd, is now Marcos Garvey, way. Something I Think is quite patronizing.
Hern hill, Yes I know it well Walking up Railton Rd, to Hern hill, station, I remember that ally. That long narrow ally. The first riot was on a hot sunny Saturday. I had just got the 2B bus from Norwood, to Brixton, I was happy I was on my way home to my Australian, girl friend and son living in Effra Parade. For some reason the bus stopped in Hern hill, and would not go on.
OK, I just walked down the ally not knowing anything about the riot. When I came out of the ally. I could see smoke, and People standing in the road down at the church Then I could see the black smoke. I started running down the road. I was worried about my family. Our house was two doors up from the pub, and that was on fire. I did not know what was going on smoke was now coming from both sides of the road, Bricks and glass was all over the road. I ran down Railton road, past people armed with rocks, sticks, anything.
The screams coming from the black smoke just made me panic. A one year old chilled should not be in that. I ran in to the smoke Outside the post office that was on fire. Was the safe in the road, with a man standing on it trying to beat off other men trying to take the safe.
Still running I heard someone shout there's one get him! No time to stop and chat, now Bricks and bottles where raining down all around me. Now I had know choice but to run in to the smoke. I was now a target. The smoke cleared as I ran straight in to a wall of police shield's. Police were from one side of Railton rd, to the other. I could see the police were scared. With rocks hitting me and the police shields, they would not let me past. I think the police thought that I was the first of a mob. I tried telling a copper I live here.
This copper on a horse armed with a long tronchon. hit me on my back, I remember that copper. he had a moustache, and didn't look like he would be very tall with out his horse. He tried to hit me again I went down under his horse and scurried under the police shields, and ran up Effra parade, and home lucky! So no harm dune.
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She said hey babe, take a walk on the wild side
She said hey honey, take a walk on the wild side
And the colored girls sing
Doot, doo doot, doo doot, doo doot doo doot
Doot, doo doot, doo doot, doo doot doo doot

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dardardit wrote:

Hi I have been looking all over the map for a home for the Jews, and I found a very good block of land.
South Georgia, You could change the name to Israel and take your wall with you.
No one lives there but I am sure you can pick a war with the penguins.
Their is plenty of water its very close to America, its about the same size as Palestine, and no chance of being over run by Arabs,
It does belong to the British, no problem you can buy it OK, there is one problem their are no Palestinian's, living there. You could take some with you. Just some old people, may by some women, and school children,
So you can build a wall around them starve them then shoot at them.
So what do you think?

I found a home for you: Yemen. However, Gaza would also be acceptable.
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I think you would do well in a home for the retarded.
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Hi dyslexia,
Thank you I like Lou Reed, but what! are you OK.
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