Staph Skin Infection from Library

Reply Thu 13 Aug, 2009 04:33 pm
I've tried to link some articles, and, a lightening strike from above, my computer went into tharn. One was about the USC football team and what was done to cut down exposure (my point on that was re upping washing and drying heat, which I've no idea how to control in the home). And another was on the use of allicin (garlic) salves, an article by the BBC, I think.

Take photos, if you haven't already.

Reply Thu 13 Aug, 2009 05:07 pm
Heck yeah, Osso, I've taken photos (of all my yucky lesions)!

I took some more just today.

There's some interesting stuff going on with using Stabilized Allicin (Garlic) to treat MRSA.

It's supposedly stabilized so it's digested by us; regular garlic, garlic oil, or garlic tablets are reported to be "broken down" by our digestive systems when ingested, thus are not effective against MRSA.

This stabilized Allicin (known as Allimed, Allimax, etc) is supposed to NOT break down in our digestive systems.

Does it work? Well, folks on MRSA message boards claim it does.

It is, however, VERY expensive, so I won't be trying it unless/until Workers Comp agrees to pay for it... which could be, er, a long time from now...

As for clothing & surfaces in the home: Bleach, bleach, bleach! I don't really care if my clothing is weakened or ruined by bleach.

Also, hot dryers can kill Staph as well (according to my Dr.) Still, I use both: Bleach in the wash plus a hot dryer.

So far I've had rather good results by applying straight Tea Tree Oil to the lesions. This actually seems to work better than (US) over-the-counter "Triple Antibiotics." Interesting.

Life is all about Learning, isn't it? Plus NOT getting run over by a truck on your way to the grocery store.
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Reply Sun 27 Sep, 2009 01:40 pm
Update: My boss told me I was WRONG to (get this) "Blog about" this Staph Infection.

Um, what's a blog, again? (No, I don't have one.)

Then, when Boss THOUGHT I had a repeat of this same infection (but I did not) Boss told Library Patrons all about it.

Can you say, "Invasion of Privacy?" Can you say, "HIPPA?" How about, "Annoyed?"

I'm losing the job at any rate, due to City Library becoming County Library: Me, AND my 5 co-workers.
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