Need your opinion on a tatoo design!

Reply Thu 2 Apr, 2009 10:31 pm
Yeah, I know about enlarging the small image, and even as large as it will go I still can't tell what those things on each side are supposed to represent. What they LOOK like is some peculiar form of a rodent skull with a small elephant-like trunk curling around its snout, with the head of a Japanese anime cartoon hero with a three-foot long pointy hairdo as the skull's ear, and then each skull has a huge angel's wing. I sincerely doubt that's what they're supposed to be, but that's what they look like. I'm not trying to be funny, or to make a joke out of it, but that's the best I can do to make sense of it. Too much obscure detail, too small a size. You're gonna get people with their noses right up against your chest (or wherever), asking WTF that's supposed to be. Simplify.

And as ehbeth said, the reverse cross is a symbol of satanism, not atheism, and as an atheist you wouldn't see any reason in satanism either.

I agree with her, and even--god help me--OmSigDavid. I certainly wouldn't want to spend the next forty years of my life with a symbol of something in which I don't believe imprinted on my body, whether it's inverted or not. Rethink the iconography. Hit the positive note. Go with something you DO believe in, rather than a reversal of something you DON'T. What about a DNA helix standing for reason?
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Reply Thu 2 Apr, 2009 10:38 pm
I agree with you on that point, but an atheist believes in neither. They believe in nothing, no religion , no higher being. Being against God or Satan is saying they do exist you just care to not agree with either. An upside down cross is symbolizing your disagreeance with god, it IS a satanic symbol, you can look it up. Would an anarchist get a picture of an American Flag upside down or facing any position on their body? No, because they don't believe in it. To me no real atheist would get a tattoo of any sort of religious anything on them. By doing so your acknowledging that it does exist you just don't agree with it or follow by 'the rules' of it.
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Reply Fri 3 Apr, 2009 01:49 am
Okay,I Do Fully hear you guys on this one but heres my point of view and tell me if im being a tad too obscure here....

First,Im well aware That an upside down cross is a symbol of satinism Or however the **** its spelled......I wanted the tatoo to be a Mixture Of Good and Evil......Angel Wings with devil Skulls (YES THERE DEVIL SKULLS,NOT ANIME FACES WITH ELEPHANT TRUNKS ON THEIR GODDAM HEADS STFU!) Ahem.....With Upside down crosses.....

And thats Not Saying that i BELIEVE in Any Religion but Instead to Me is a symbol Of How Corrupt I believe All Forms of religion to be and How Honestly Religion Is a Greater Form and Cause Of Evil Than Lots else...

In short Its sybolizing the Corruption Of Religion and the Lie That it is as a whole.Someone also Said that they wouldnt put Something On their body that They Dont agree with Or believe in.....I couldnt agree with you more.This ISNT A religous tatoo...its a tatoo to Remind Us all That we shouldnt blindly Just jump Into religion and belief be it god Or Authority figures or Whatever.......Using REASON and JUDGEMENT Over blind Faith..

Thats what its about.....but maybe im just reading way too far into it but thats what this Means to me......I Do Love the DNA Helix idea and this IS still a work in progress so i Really appreciate everyones advice,its been very helpful!
Reply Fri 3 Apr, 2009 10:25 am
Unless you plan to use your whole torso for this project, you NEED to simplify. It is going to look like a messed-up blotch the way it is now.

Go look at some good ink - not ink art - ink. Look at how things actually look on people's bodies - not how they look on a piece of paper. It is seriously different.

Do NOT go to an apprentice for a work that involves a lot of detail. There's only one chance to get this kind of thing right - tat repairs are expensive and don't necessarily end up looking good. Doesn't matter what their albums show you.

It's worth the money to have a consultation with the artist well in advance of the proposed work being done.
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