Tattoo Transformation and the Path to Removal

Reply Thu 11 Jan, 2024 04:11 pm
I find myself at a crossroads – I got a tattoo that initially held significance, but its shape has changed over time, and now it no longer resonates with me. I'm contemplating the removal process and would love to hear from those who've been through a similar journey. What methods have you found effective for tattoo removal, and how did it impact your mental well-being? Let's share stories, insights, and support each other in this transformative process.
Reply Fri 12 Jan, 2024 05:12 am
This is quite a small user forum, atbest you might find someone who has had a tattoo removed, but you're going to have to go elsewhere for the mutual support group you're looking for.

Try googling "tattoo removal support groups."
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Region Philbis
Reply Fri 12 Jan, 2024 05:29 am
Try googling "tattoo removal support groups."
i'd imagine there are facebook groups devoted to that...
Reply Fri 12 Jan, 2024 05:39 am
@Region Philbis,
That sounds about right.
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