Looking for input/advice, is something wrong ??

Reply Mon 26 Jan, 2009 12:26 am
Hi Everyone,

Just came across this site and I thought I would just ask a few questions. I'm 30 years old and Married for 2 years. the problem I am having is I feel like my body is weakening. I am very very tired and weak and I always feel like I have no energy. There are very few days that i can specifically remember that I feel like I have tons of energy but it isn't often. This has been going on for several years.

Now I need to put out in the open the things I know are affecting me. I feel weird saying this but I do masterbate alot. I have been trying to cut down especially as of the last few months. On average I could even say at least once a day since I was 19. I am 30 now. I think perhaps I am too afraid to believe that this is killing my body. I have read it is healthy, and otherwise and I'm starting to believe the latter.

Besides that My diet for food has been bad over the last several years consisting of junk food, TONS of sugar ( love chocolate, candies etc), and Tea etc.

On the bright side I have been physically active throughout my life especially when I was young. I played provincial soccer and turned down a scholarship when I was 18 because I was losing interest at the time. this is what frustrates me the most that I used to be very active playing sometimes 4-5 teams in a season and I had no problems. I did stop for several years which I understand will take a while to get my stamina up.

Down to the details (wow this turned out long), I'm 5'9" and still fairly slim. I'm just tired. i started trying to eat healthier including a breakfast, turkey breast/chicken sandwiches for lunch( at work) I eat fruits and yogurt and water but I do still tend to splurge at times on candy. I started playing soccer a few months ago and it seems my body doesn't want to let me start again. I still can't even push myself to sprint I feel like I can't. I get so sore the day after in my legs etc so I know my muscles are recovering but i just don't seem to be able to get a little in stride. I watch some seniors play soccer and I honestly can say they can out run me any day of the week. i feel liek I just dont have any energy.

ANyhow that was like an essay I would appreciate criticism or any input or advice I can get to helping me get back to feeling like I have energy.

-Married 2 years not very happily we fight on/off.
-sleep schedule is sort of bad I do play on the computer till late but I tend to get 5-6 hours in most the time for a few days when itll catch up to me and ill get too much like 7-10 hours.
-Work on an assembly line so I'm on my feet all day.
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Reply Mon 26 Jan, 2009 01:29 am
Try diet and exercise first. Yeah, being on your feet all day doesn't make you feel like running laps, but maybe you can find something that is different than you do at work. Find something that really interests you - not time fillers like playing at the computer.

If you don't get some kind of results in three or four weeks, maybe it's time for some medical advice. Exercise and improved diet are cheaper, though, and have a good chance of helping.
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Reply Mon 26 Jan, 2009 05:12 am
Hi and welcome. I'm sorry you're not feeling well.

Definitely, a better diet plus exercise are going to help. You also sound a bit depressed, and exercise should help with mood. But you need to take it slowly. Fitness goes away scary quickly but to get it back takes effort. So don't be upset or surprised or discouraged if it takes a while. Instead of sprinting, try walking for several weeks. Then, as that gets easier, increase the amount of time and/or pick up the pace.

As for food, you're starting off well but it sounds like later in the day it may go to hell a bit. Try having healthy snacks around the house. Carrot sticks, a bowl of appetizing fruit, low fat or nonfat yogurts, dried fruits, that kind of thing. I'm trying to play off what seems to be a sweet tooth.

Not everything will be fixed in one quick shot, but you can work on things and it will probably help you to feel better if you feel you are making an effort. Oh and try to include your spouse on occasion. Walk together, maybe one day/week. Just walk, don't even talk. It will probably be a good thing to spend time together that isn't spent fighting.
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