I try to go to the park with me and my friends and our 5 pitbulls.

Reply Sun 28 Sep, 2008 10:12 pm
But every time, another dog trys to attack one of ours.

huskies, labradors, boxers, hounds, whatever.

we usually get our own little fenced area, which is good. but other people come in and then more and more etc..

its on the weekend when i go. so its busy.

i really dont feel fear for the well being of our dogs, they are definitely well trained and they never come to much harm, i always grab the other dog as soon as i notice any aggression or whatever. the minute they lunge im like alirght stupid dog go to ur fuckin owner.

Why? Why do all these dogs attack our dogs? I thought pitbulls had the violent tendencies towards other animals.

What im really scared of is someone else bringing in their dog, that dog running over to our dogs before we can get near to them, and then the strange dog attacking one of ours, then my dog ripping it to peices.

she already has bit a dog that attacked her on a walk, it got into that dominant posture and started snapping, i was pulling her away but the other dog kept rushing her, then she just turned around and latched onto its face and pretty much relieved the POS of its cheek.

very nasty.

i really cant figure out why its OUR dogs.

there are other pits everywhere. they run around all together and nothing happens.

Soons as so9meone comes into the area we are in, a fight is iminent, could our dogs possibly be taunting the other dogs?

dubbleyoo tee eff..

its very frustrating. i only see my dog once a week and its when we all go the the dogpark.

and every other week we avoid a fight, only because i am paying close attention to their behavior.

my cousins pit mastiff was attacked last week, i was right there, pulled the dog off, and the owner started yelling at us, i was like dude stfu and train your dog. he yelled for like minutes and i was like , your as smart as your dog you know that, our dogs will kill that peice of **** in seconds.

it was a husky. damn i cant understand it, we have the biggest meanest looking dogs, and everyone elses lame useles sugly peices of **** run over and get aggressive.

and our dogs would kill them in seconds, literally.

no way ima quit going to the park, i wish i had a yard to play with our dogs in.

i just wish i knew why, all our dogs are fixed.

i know noone elses dogs get attacked eveyr other time they go to the park...
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Reply Sun 28 Sep, 2008 10:16 pm
... our dogs will kill that peice of **** in seconds.

Reply Sun 28 Sep, 2008 10:33 pm
i agree.
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