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Reply Wed 10 Sep, 2008 06:19 pm
The Swiftboating of the Democratic candidate has begun. The "liberal press" is now slavering over every morsel of misinformation thrown at Obama, mostly uncritically repeating it dozens of times, and only occasionally acknowledging that the ludicrous name calling is made up stuff. Name calling, not issues is the order of the day. I no longer respect the process of selecting our president, and so no longer follow the politial threads. I will vote this time. It may be the last.
Reply Wed 10 Sep, 2008 06:55 pm
Edgar, I just clicked on a2k and your thread is the first on the list.

If people like you decide not to vote, you will be enabling more corruption (on both sides) by not participating.

I fully understand your political fatigue, we all are exhausted at the lies and the evasion of the issues, but please remember that each vote does count. Well, not actually, but if good guys like you quit, then the votes that are counted will be heavily weighted by the very worst this country has to offer.

Don't quit. When you fear that cynicism is taking over your resolve, write about it, just like all the emotional help wanted threads. We will be there for you. I really think that is something that might actually work.

When my cynicism is bipartisan, but this time, the Republicans have gone beyond the pale in lies and misrepresentation, but the Dems have had their share of nasties in past years. We need to stand together, all of us, liberal, conservative, libertarian, who are serious about the issues, not in making denigrating remarks or, as is so typical, beating a dead horse.

Your decision to collapse the political threads on a2k is understandable. I think most of us have had the same feelings off and on and maybe a break is needed, but without serious contrubutors from both sides, the political threads will contain nothing but perverse, inane remarks. That would be so disappointing. There are many people here who have helped the rest of us understand politics, including the history and the results of political decisions. You, Soz, Thomas, O'bill, Ticomaya, Dys, Dag, Nimh and so many other remarkably varied, intelligent, analytical posters have provided points of view that are every bit as informed as those points of view coming from the talking heads on tv.

If you stay away too long, be forewarned that I will tell Dys to bring you to your senses in whatever way he thinks will work best.

You heard it here, from Auntie Molotov.

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Reply Sat 20 Sep, 2008 01:36 pm
i was the only person who had not printed a message to your birthday.
I purposely avoided.
Political threads are not popular for those who wish to relax .
For my politics is the only platform to expose the hypocracy( including my hypocracy).
A2K is not for world revolution nor to educate the ignorant.
A2K is a platform where you can belittle the participants.

Unfortunately I am not a person who wish to swallow all this rubbish.
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Reply Sat 20 Sep, 2008 01:44 pm
edgarblythe wrote:
The Swiftboating of the Democratic candidate has begun.

Ha...the swiftboating of both candidates began a couple months ago with the first slam on McCain's age and the revelation of the Rev Wright situation for Obama. Both parties are equally guilty, but the Dems "swiftboating" of the VP candidate is unprecedented.
Reply Sat 20 Sep, 2008 01:47 pm
They've never had a VP candidate who made them worry that the campaign was in the balance. This one does. A lot. Smile
Reply Sat 20 Sep, 2008 01:49 pm
McCain's advanced age and health concerns do make Governor Palin's beliefs and practices a concern. If she were running mate to a young, vibrant presidential candidate I don't think anyone would care spit about her.
Reply Sat 20 Sep, 2008 03:26 pm
ehbeth wrote:
If she were running mate to a young, vibrant presidential candidate I don't think anyone would care spit about her.

That's a bunch of malarkey...Any Republican woman that was elevated to a presidential ticket would cause spastic fits in Democratic ranks....whether associated with a "young, vibrant presidential candidate" or not. For a long time, the Dems have built an image in their minds that the Republican Party is an "old-boys network" and most, if not all, Republicans are "anti-women" or even misogynistic. From that belief, they've then laid claim to an unalienable right for the Democratic Party to have the first female VP and first female president. Palin represents a devastating shock to their sense of entitlement to lead any and all feminist advances...hence their visceral reaction to her nomination.
Green Witch
Reply Sat 20 Sep, 2008 03:27 pm
Edgar, surely this is no different than any other time in political history. It's politics as usual and you need to rise above the mud slinging by putting in your opinion at the poll. Sometimes it's just a matter of voting against and not for (that's why I voted for Kerry instead of staying home). If you give up your vote the people you disagree with the most win.
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Reply Sat 20 Sep, 2008 05:14 pm
You're surprised, Edgar?

You're...well...nuts...if you let sliming stop you from voting for someone you believe to be the better candidate.
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Reply Sat 20 Sep, 2008 05:28 pm
Yup. If the GOP had a young, vibrant presidential candidate, he would be getting savaged for youth, inexperience, and probably having young kids too, plus being slimed with whatever dirt they could dig up or make up about him. They sure can't get McCain on experience, so they try to put one of his feet in the grave, throw out occasional suggestions of senility and/or dimentia or any other 'swift boat' tactics they can come up with to make him look as bad as possible. McCain is seven years older than Joe Biden and eight years older than Nancy Pelosi, barely a blip in the grand scheme of things. Further Joe Biden has a mildly alarming recent medical history that is actually of more concern than McCain's though not disqualifying for high office.

So we have the scenario of an older, quite experienced President teaching the ropes to a young Veep who has demonstrated that she learns, adjusts, and catches on fast, and the odds are strongly in his favor that he'll survive the next four years.

Or we have the scenario of an older vice president trying to show the ropes to a young, quite inexperienced President who may or may not learn quickly--something he hasn't much demonstrated so far--and who may or may not graciously take instruction from the older, more experienced guy.

I think I like Scenario #1 better.

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Reply Sat 20 Sep, 2008 05:44 pm
I honestly don't believe this will be your last vote, edgar. You'll just continue making up your own mind, as usual .... & completely switch off the trivial media "opinion" stuff in the future!

Though I can fully appreciate your disenchantment ... it's pretty ugly isn't it?
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