New Microsoft ad featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld

Nick Ashley
Reply Thu 18 Sep, 2008 07:16 pm
Ok, I just saw the new commercial. (Sorry, I couldn't find a youtube link.. I'm sure it will be online soon enough).

Not what I expected. It's just a bunch of people saying "I'm a PC, and I do ___". Its message is more clear then then the other ones, but it didn't bring out any emotion in me. In some respects I feel like it may be a better commercial, but I don't like it.

Call me a flip-flopper, but now I miss seeing Gates and Seinfeld. I didn't 'get' the commercials, but I enjoyed them.

Robert Gentel
Reply Fri 19 Sep, 2008 10:23 am
@Nick Ashley,
Here they are (at least a few variants):

By the way, Gizmodo claims that the Gates Seinfeld ads aren't canceled:

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Reply Fri 19 Sep, 2008 05:22 pm
People here in WA are saying they don't get the commercials. My take on it is that it is suppose to get people to like Vista. Most people I know who had Vista uninstalled it and re-installed XP. They don't like Vista, maybe Mr. Gates should listen to his customers. Apple on the other hand started a campaign offering to put the pc data on Apples free of charge. Some of my friends have already switched over to Apple. Others are asking me about it since I use a mac.

The saying here is that:
Gates = marketing genious
Jobs = computer genious
I say put the 2 together and they would have a hell of a product.
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Reply Fri 19 Sep, 2008 06:20 pm
Those last three ads are much better than the Seinfeld/Gates ads. The last three ads basically argue that lots of "cool" people use PC's, just like the cool apple guy.

On a side note, I just bought an iPod Touch, primarily for it's web browsing and Email capability. The business I own can be managed from a central web page, so this little device functions somewhat like a handheld personal computer (much cheaper than a $1000 laptop which would primarily be used for web browsing and Email reading) and allows me to run the company from any WiFi location. The Inertia-Touch-Screen is fabulous. Without it, the device wouldn't be nearly as functional.

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Reply Sat 20 Sep, 2008 04:31 pm
I think this person says it all.

"But here’s my problem. The idea of the campaign seems to be to show people how great Microsoft products are. The “real people” as they keep calling them are being reached out to so they can understand and grow to love these products.

But…If Bill (and therefore Microsoft) is not already in touch with real people, then their products may not be, either. By spending time with real people, the logic flow suggests they’ll be able to build better products.

In other words, Microsoft is highlighting the fact that they are out of touch. But instead of saying they’ll mingle with real people to build better products, the message seems to be that the real people need to get with the program.

In other words, I’m confused. Perhaps I’m just over thinking the whole thing, but it seems like exactly the opposite message that Microsoft needs to be sending."

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