Green Party Running McKinney

Reply Wed 16 Jul, 2008 09:02 pm
Edgar, I may agree with her on some matters. I plan to look further.

On the other hand, I'm me and vote as such.

For me to look at the workings of McKinney is an exercize in curiosity.

I think of her as one more LA stage person - in contrast to people who get matters done.
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Reply Thu 24 Jul, 2008 03:36 pm
ossobuco wrote:
If I have any biases, they're against her, a flume person, meaning inchoate emotion as a kind of battery.

Yep, thats a good description of my impression of her too. I liked the Green party's 2004 ticket (see Edgar's thread from then) a lot better.

I'm guessing the Greens have made the same compromise with themselves as the Libertarians this year.

Cobb/LaMarche '04 was a solid party ticket: two activists with a long, reliable track record in the Green Party and green and left-wing politics. But they got zilch in the elections, because they got zilch media coverage, because nobody knew who Cobb and LaMarch were.

So what to do? Lacking a high-cred, high-profile leader, parties like these often face the choice between a reliable nobody, and some vanity johnny-come-lately who dropped their way because he or she didnt have much of a future anymore in their own party - but who does bring name recognition and possible media coverage.

The Libertarians faced the same problem this year. They had a true believer running in '04, and he got zilch. Hard to underestimate the desperation such total failure to gain a foothold fosters. It led the Libertarians, earlier this year, to an extremelyamusing and tumuluousconvention, where a bare majority eventually embraced Bob Barr, despite his anti-libertarian past as religious conservative and very new-found allegiance to the party.

I see the Greens' choice for McKinney in the same light. Confused
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